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Diipoo will follow the popular anime or game to release corresponding oppai mouse pad, and you can buy your favorite mousepads here.

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Diipoo Oppai Mouse Pad Details (1)

Relax your wrists with an Oppai mouse pad

  • Original designs by Diipoo artists
  • Various oppai mousepad
  • Ready to your home, dorm or bedroom
  • Custom printed, high-quality, responsibly produced
  • A variety of materials and sizes can be selected
  • Design customized 3d mouse pad online
  • Free shipping worldwide


Why choose 3D Oppai mousepad?

Quality 3d oppai mouse pad with free worldwide shipping on Diipoo. Anime and Game Boobs Mouse Pad Wrist rest, soft Boobs, when you use it, you can protect your wrist, fully relax your hand, let you work and study more efficiently.

What is 3D Oppai mouse pad?

Diipoo’s Oppai mouse pads are based on the sexy characters of anime or games as the creation prototype, and their size and sexy can meet the needs of the majority of otaku to the greatest extent.

What material is the Oppai mouse pad made of?

The 3D boobs mouse pad is made of silicone material, which brings unprecedented “oppai(boobs)” suppleness to the user’s hands. Use sexy appearance to win more consumers’ love. We believe that many people can’t control such a “huge” 3D mouse pad. This soft “atmospheric” chest mouse pad is expected to win the favor of many users.

How to custom 3D Oppai mouse pad?

Only need 3 Steps: Upload your images; Resize your Oppai mouse pad on Online tools; Order it and wait to shipping.

What kind of Oppai mouse pad do you provide?

If you want to customize a unique Oppai mouse pad, you can choose our online service, online make your own oppai mouse pad. Diipoo provides a variety of materials, such as Lycra fabric, 2WAY fabric; A variety of sizes, such as: 26 × 22 × 2.5CM, 26×22×3CM, 395×325×50CM, 460×380×80CM. Yes, it is so big!!! In the future we will add more materials, more sizes, let you experience the extraordinary boobs mouse pad, let you put it down. If you are interested in custom 3D mouse pad, welcome to use our service.

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