Anime Wall Scrolls

Anime wall scrolls contains most popular anime characters, such as One Piece Wall Scrolls, Demon Slayer Wall Scrolls, Naruto Wall Scrolls, Dragon Ball Wall Scrolls, Attack On Titan Wall Scrolls.

Diipoo provides Japanese anime posters, anime wall scrolls wholesale, large anime wall scrolls. If you are interested in custom wall scrolls, you can choose to customize wall scrolls of different sizes.

Currently, Diipoo wall scrolls store includes three different materials, 150D Oxford Fabric, Oil Painting Fabric, Polycotton Fabric, the size is 60×90CM, You can choose to hang it in the bedroom, watch it when you rest, relax and enter Otaku life.

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What are wall scrolls?

The wall scroll is one of the mounting forms of Chinese painting and calligraphy. It is the most common form of Chinese paintings, and is named after the “shaft”.

Where to buy anime wall scrolls?

Diipoo is the best place to buy anime wall scrolls because we provide hundreds of anime wall scrolls. A variety of materials can be selected, and even products of different sizes can be customized, 40X120CM, 50X100 CM, 60×90CM, 60X120CM, 50×150CM, 60×180CM.

Where to hang the scrolls?

Preferably, hang in the bedroom, not in the living room. Hanging in a private place can carefully appreciate anime wall scrolls.

How to hang wall scrolls

Method 1: Thumbtacks
Method 2: Adhesive strips
Method 3: Adhesive hooks
Method 4: Thumbtacks Hang Horizontal Wall Scrolls
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