Kyaru Body Pillow Princess Connect! Re:Dive Dakimakura Waifu Pillow


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Product Details

Kyaru Body Pillow Princess Connect! Re:Dive Dakimakura Waifu Pillow

Kyaru is a beast-race member in the game with long, black hair with a white streak in her bangs and green eyes. Her hair extends down to her ankles and is tied into two loose, low twintails. At the ends of her hair the loop into ringlet-like curls. She has cat ears coming out the top of her head.

She wears a detailed blue and purple outfit adorned with magenta jewels and gold hemming. The outfit has detached sleeves, which consist of a black, ruffled lower layer covered by blue fabric that is trimmed with gold and has holes at the elbows. Her skirt has two layers of ruffles (one black and one white). She has thigh high stockings and a garter-belt on her left thigh that clips to her stocking. She has short, differing shades of brown boots. She also has a black cat tail with a white tip

When under Kaiser’s control, Kyaru’s outfit changes to black and maroon colours instead and has fishnet stockings. There are minor changes to her outfit such as a fur hemming and a choker with a large, magenta jewel. She also sometimes wears a mask that completely covers her eyes.

High-definition printing

High-definition Printing

By the original artist of exquisite animation design, high-definition resolution printing, a clear pattern bright

Exquisite workmanship

Exquisite workmanship

The double sewing technique and the fine edge-locking technique, make your pillows more durable!

High-quality zipper

High-quality Zipper

Exquisite hidden small head zipper for durability

Detail Display

AB Side Display
Detail Display

Dakimakura Kits



Pillow Inner


3D Oppai

3D Oppai Dakimakura

Velcro Pillow Cover

Velcro pillow cover

Diipoo Dakimakura

Diipoo Dakimakura

Dakimakura FAQ

Wha's Dakimakura?

A dakimakura (śäĪ„Āćśěē; from daki śäĪ„Āć “to embrace or cling” and makura śěē “pillow”) is a type of large pillow from Japan. The word is often translated in English as a body pillow. In Japan, dakimakura are similar to Western orthopedic body pillows, and are commonly used by Japanese youth as “security objects”, many otaku also called “waifu”.

Wha's Best Dakimakura Material?

Best dakimakura material is 2Way tricot. It is generally considered that dakimakura made of 2Way material is more soft and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, giving you comfort and warmth when holding.

They are now for sale at Diipoo dakimakura customization and dakimakura shop, you are welcome to pick and buy.

How To Fold Dakimakura?

1. Take out the dakimakura, open the zipper, remove the pillow core inside, and start to fold the pillowcase.

2. If you have purchased Custom 3D Oppai dakimakura, then you need to remove the 3D oppai and pillow core inside before folding the pillowcase.

3. Now let’s explain how to fold the pillowcase in detail.

4. First, use both hands to hold the two corners on the same side. Then push hard to both sides to make the pillowcase flat on the bed.

5. Then fold the pillowcase from the outside to the inside, about one third of the width.

6. Then there are some wrinkles on the surface of the pillowcase. At this time, use your hands to press both sides to smooth these wrinkles.

7. When there is no wrinkle, fold the pillowcase again, and finally put the head of the pillow on the top.

Why Buy A Dakimakura?

Dakimakura (Anime body pillows) can satisfy the psychology of those otaku males and females who want to intimately contact their favorite characters. Some small and lovely beds decorated with pleasant and exquisite anime body pillows will be more lively, and make the users feel more warm and comfortable while sleeping.

How To Clean Mouldy Dakimakura?

Fill a container with a certain height of warm water and then pour in a little neutral detergent;

Then, put the moldy dakimakura cover and inner filler into the water, gently rub it, take it out and rinse carefully with water for many times;

Then use a towel to squeeze out the water, adjust the prototype of the dakimakura, and dry it where well ventilated.

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Pillowcases and Pillow inner, Pillowcases, 3D Oppai Dakimakura


50√ó150, 50√ó160, 60√ó180


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Kyaru Body Pillow Princess Connect! Re:Dive Dakimakura Waifu Pillow
Kyaru Body Pillow Princess Connect! Re:Dive Dakimakura Waifu Pillow
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