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2 Way Tricot VS Peach Skin Which Is Better

2 Way Tricot VS Peach Skin Which Is Better?

2 way tricot vs peach skin which is better? Read it before you should know What Is 2 Way Tricot Dakimakura?   2 way tricot is currently the best fabric for dakimakura. When it comes to dakimakura, people always say that 2 way tricot is better.   Yes, 2 way tricot and peach skin are […]

What Is 2 Way Tricot Dakimakura

What Is 2 Way Tricot Dakimakura?

What is 2 way tricot dakimakura? 2WAY: The best fabric for original dakimakura so far; also known as all polyester, 2WT (shortened form for 2 WAY Tricot) is made of polyester fibers known as “dacron”. With smooth surface and resilient material, the fabric has excellent crease resistance, high printing accuracy, soft and smooth touch, icy […]

2 Way Tricot Dakimakura (2)

8 Questions You Must Know 2 Way Tricot Dakimakura

What Is 2 Way Tricot? 2WT (short for 2 Way Tricot) is also called all polyester, the material is of polyester fiber, also known as “polyester”. The synthetic fiber of polyester condensed by Polycondensation of organic dicarboxylic acid and diol, referred to as PET fiber, belongs to the polymer compound. 2WT was invented in 1941, […]

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