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Why We Should Buy 3D Mouse Pad Diipoo is Better than Others

Why We Should Buy 3D Mouse Pad? Diipoo is Better than Others

When an ordinary mouse pad is used, our wrists are habitually placed on a rigid desk edge. In fact, such habit can cause serious damages to our wrists after a long time. In a 3D mouse pad, the part for the wrist is designed as a pillow to fit wrist shapes perfectly. Besides pillows, the […]

5 Methods To Clean Your Mouse Pad #Only Need One Minute

5 Methods To Clean Your Mouse Pad #Only Need One Minute

With the widespread use of home computers, everyone knows the role of mouse pads. With a unique design and a good using experience, Diipoo custom mouse pads are widely favored by users. However, every mouse pad may get dirty after using it for a period. So, how to clean your mouse pad? The following 5 […]

custom mouse pad step 1

4 Simple Steps Custom Your 3D Mouse Pad

With the popularity of computers, 3D mouse pads have become a necessity for everyone. It is especially popular among those animation enthusiasts and game enthusiasts.   As a daily necessities used by office workers and computer enthusiasts, 3D mouse pads are sometimes ignored. Some friends may casually take an advertising gift mouse pad to start […]

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