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I know you want to know about us without nonsense, so let me tell you everything!

About Diipoo:

Diipoo is a custom lifestyle brand that focuses on providing personalized products for enthusiasts of otaku culture. Our customized products include anime body pillows, anime pillows, 3D mouse pads, wall scrolls, gaming mouse pads, anime figurines, nendoroid, and more. Numerous artists love our products for their unique printing patterns and excellent craftsmanship. Diipoo will be releasing more products in the future, so stay tuned!


Customizing Lifestyle for Otaku.


Trust and communication are the cornerstones of successful transactions.

A story: To respond to a Twitter user who received an incorrect order, the final solution was to create a new order for him.

About the Founder:

I’m Lei, and I started exploring websites in the 5th grade of elementary school. Ever since then, I have developed a deep passion for them. During high school, I created several anime websites. In 2013, while studying in college, I established an anime image website. At that time, many websites had poor-quality anime images. I committed to posting a new article with high-quality anime images daily to address this. The website quickly gained popularity, attracting around 3,000 daily visitors who appreciated the content. This anime website is now approaching its 10th anniversary.

In 2018, I expanded into the international market and launched a website specializing in custom anime mouse pads. As the price for a custom 3D mouse pad was around $200 at that time, I set the price at $49.99. As a result, you can see numerous genuine customer reviews expressing their satisfaction. Since then, I have released many products closely related to the lifestyle of otaku culture, aiming to enhance the enjoyment of each customer.

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