Diipoo Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Custom 3D Mouse Pad
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Custom 3D Mouse Pad


✅NSFW pictures

✅25x21x2.5CM Diipoo Random Watermark 20% Transparency

🟢🧡26×21×3.2CM (Nipple), You Will Get 3 Mouse Pads🟢🧡

26*30CM Square Picture or image

You can send your Square PSD or Square Images to our email: ihaveadreamlimited#gmail.com.

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Still hesitant? Check out the detailed pictures of our customized 3D oppai mouse pad!

Diipoo Oppai Mouse Pad Details (1)
Diipoo Oppai Mousepad Details (2)
Diipoo Oppai Mouse Pad Details (2)
Diipoo Oppai Mousepad Details (1)
Lycra Fabric Oppai Mouse Pad
Oppai mouse pads details


These videos were shot by Diipoo and capture the intricate details of the 3D mouse pad.

How to customize your own 3D mouse pad with Diipoo?

With Diipoo, you have the freedom to use any image of your choice, be it a cartoon character, video game figure, scenic view from a game, or even NSFW imagery. Customize your 3D mouse pad to fit your personal style and preferences, and make a purchase to bring it to life.

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Product Details

Heat Transfer Printing Technology

Vibrant colors that will not fade over time.

High-quality Oppai Mouse Pad

Made with silicone and 2WAY materials, available in 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, and 80mm heights.

PU and SBR Fabrics, Soft and Comfortable

The back is composed of PU material, that is sleek and glossy, and soft to the touch with anti-slippage functions.

3D Mouse Pad Features

Wrist Protection

The three-dimensional curvature of this Diipoo 3D mouse pad provides cushioned support for your wrist, making it soft and comfortable. It conforms to ergonomics and has a gel wrist rest.

Anti-Slip Function

Thanks to its non-slip rubber bottom and high-quality waterproof mouse pad surface, this Diipoo 3D mouse pad is wildly popular among customers.

3D Mouse Pad Size

Diipoo 3D Oppai Mouse Pad Comparison

Types of 3D Mouse Pads

Customize a 3D mouse pad to elevate your workspace with individuality.


Custom Oppai Mouse Pad

Diipoo’s custom oppai mouse pad is made with 2-way fabric. When you press down on the oppai-shaped mouse pad with your favorite anime character, you can see the character’s expression. Rest your hand in between the boobs and feel the delight within your mind and body.


Custom Male Chest Mouse Pad

Diipoo’s custom male chest mouse pad is designed with ergonomics in mind, providing relief from wrist fatigue caused by long-term use of the mouse. The scent of hormones that both men and women love radiates from the male chest.


Custom Butt Mouse Pad

Compared to a flat mouse pad, Diipoo’s custom butt mouse pad can reduce friction between the hand and the surface of the mouse pad. Diipoo accepts NSFW images, whether they are of real or virtual characters. On Diipoo’s custom 3D mouse pad page, your dreams can come true!


Custom Hentai Mouse Pad

Diipoo’s custom hentai mouse pad design uses edge-to-edge fabric and silicone filler to provide a soft, comfortable feel and better wrist protection. A busty beauty with a shy expression appearing on your desktop will make it irresistible.

Hand Wash 3D Mouse Pad

Hand wash

Hand Wash

Diipoo’s 3D mouse pad can be hand washed. Simply gently clean with warm water and soap, then air dry. Do not use bleach or strong acidic detergents to clean the mouse pad.

Project Details


Silicone material, 2WAY


25×21×2.5 cm, 26×21×3.2 cm, 32×26×3 cm, 39.5×32.5×5 cm, 48×38×8 cm.


One-sided printing

Thermal transfer technology


Packaging bag

Supported image formats:


Supported image formats




The completion date is about 3-7 days after order


Please consider the proportion when designing. As the fabric is cut and sewn, the picture will be stretched many times, resulting in poor printing. However, we will make some corrections.


Do not touch rough goods;

Keep away from sharp objects such as scissors and needles;

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How to Customize Your 3D Mouse Pad

Diipoo offers exquisite custom design 3D mouse pads, with a minimum order quantity of one piece. You can design and print your own 3D mouse pad.


Choose Your Type

By selecting different sizes and types of 3D mouse pads, you can create personalized 3D mouse pads. If you cannot find a suitable type, you may contact us at any time.


Upload Images to Diipoo

Choose a suitable image from your phone or computer, then use tools to adjust it, capture all the details, and obtain the correct image size for printing on the mouse pad.


Diipoo is at Your Service

We provide you with high-quality, comfortable personalized 3D mouse pads according to your wishes and ship them to any address worldwide.


What is 3D oppai mouse pad?

Use online tool to Custom 3D Mouse Pad, 3D Oppai Mouse Pad are very popular with artists, artists can customize their own mouse pads and then Diipoo will print the work as 3D Oppai, 3D butt mouse pads!

Mouse pads are usually printed with the oppai(boobs) and butt of the anime character, which gives a realistic look. The anime oppai mouse pad is made from the boobs or butt of anime characters and game characters, and it will be a powerful shock whether you look at it from near or far. It seems you see a vivid anime character lying on the tabletop.

How to make custom 3D oppai mouse pad?

Step 1: Open Custom 3D Mouse Pad online tools on Diipoo.
Step 2: Upload your photos.
Step 3: Resize your photos.
Step 4: Add your texts and more.
Step 5: Order your artwork!

Diipoo provides online tools to help you design 3D mouse pads and create your own artwork with your ideas!

Can I customize 3D oppai mouse pad bulk or wholesale?

Diipoo can customize 3D mouse pads in bulk, order one 3D mouse pad or even 15 mouse pads, we also accept thousands of 3D mouse pads at wholesale, you can contact us at any time via email: ihaveadreamlimited#gmail.com, free worldwide shipping, no extra charge, no quantity limit!

Can i custom 3d mouse pad with nipples or tiddy?

Updated on October 7, 2023: Thank you to customer DrDeadpool1337 for the reminder. The sizes 25x21x2.5CM and 26×21×3.2CM will accept adult content images, and you can customize a nipple mouse pad. If you purchase the size 26×21×3.2CM (nipple), you will receive three mouse pads.

How to wash & clean 3d anime mouse pad?

To clean the 3D oppai mouse pad or butt mouse pad, soak the mouse pad in water, dip it in detergent, and then gently scrub the protruding wristband with a soft-bristled brush. Don't push too hard, don't twist, lay down the mouse pad.

Why we use 3D mouse pads?

The advantages of 3D oppai mouse pad are beneficial to protect the desktop. Because of the wrist rest, arms and hands don't hurt from soreness. It will make you feel the 3D oppai boobs of the anime character.

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Additional information


2 Way Tricot

Mouse Pad Size

26×21×3.2CM (Nipple), 25x21x2.5CM (Nipple), 25x21x2.5CM(Diipoo Watermark), 26×21×3.2CM (7 days production), 26×21×3.2CM (3 days production), 32×26×3CM, 39.5×32.5×5CM, 48×38×8CM