Custom Dog Pillow
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Custom Dog Pillow


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Custom Dog Pillow

Dog pillows are a win-win situation for people and dogs, so hurry up and customize dog pillows!

Custom Dog pillow for you

Custom Dog Pillow For You

  • Useful functions
  • Comfortable pillow
  • Relieve stress
  • Preferred gift

The personalized dog pillow can also be used as a high-quality pillow for the bedroom, guest room, nursery or living room. Our tailor-made dog photo pillows are filled with stuffing and it can provide you with hours of care.

We strongly recommend bringing your dog pillow when you travel. It is lightweight, practical, and pampers you anytime, anywhere.

Turn your dog photos into pillows today! Gifts for dog owners, personalized gifts for dogs. At the same time, you can let your dog sleep on pillow, a pillow for dogs.

Dog pillows can make you interesting and lively in any home. This pillow is not only a gift for dog owners, but also a good gift for children, moms, dads, moms and all dog lovers.

Custom Dog pillow for dogs

Custom Dog Pillow For Dogs

  • Soft and comfortable dog pillow
  • Perfect resting environment
  • Have a partner
  • Have a good dream

Dogs can find a place to sunbathe and sleep anytime, anywhere, do they not need a pillow or blanket? this is not the truth! Just like us humans, dogs like to snuggle and rest on anything soft and comfortable. As the owners, you may have noticed that our dogs like to jump on our bed to rest, and they also like our pillows! There are about three reasons:

  1. The softness of the pillow can make your dog more comfortable in his sleep.
  2. Your dog may think that you are not safe enough and want to protect you. Therefore, it will sleep next to you or on the pillow, and can protect you anytime, anywhere.
  3. The pillow can also be used as a companion or form of your furry animals to hug and rest.
Custom Dog Face Pillow Images

Custom Dog Face Pillow

Yeah! Custom dog face pillow is very funny! The perfect gift for yourself, your pet! The personalized dog face pillow can perfectly print the dog’s head, you only need to submit the dog’s head, dog’s face photo to us. If you have any remarks, please let us know in time.

How To Custom Dog Pillow

Upload clear dog photos

Upload clear dog photos

Production dog pillow

Production dog pillow

You will receive a customized dog pillow

You will receive a customized dog pillow


Custom Dog Pillow Tips

*Please upload a complete pet photo*

*Please upload a clearly visible pet photo*

*Make sure there is only one pet in the subject of the photo*

*Custom pet pillow makes your life better

Product Samples

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Make dog pillow come true


What is a custom dog pillow?

Custom dog pillow means to make a dog pillow, through a picture of a dog, and then print it on the pillowcase, and fill the pillow with cotton, the dog pillow is made!
The dog pillow is a different shape and has a high degree of customization.
Use your dog's photo to make a custom pet pillow. It is very popular for those who love dogs.

Why a custom dog pillow?

When you are too lonely, customizing a dog pillow can relieve your loneliness;
When your dog is too lonely, customizing a dog pillow can accompany it to play with him;
When your dog is lost or passed away, customizing a dog pillow can accompany you;
When your child likes dogs but is allergic to pet hair, customize a dog pillow to accompany your child’s childhood.

What are the advantages of custom dog shaped pillow?

The material is skin-friendly, strong in warmth, easy to clean, and durable. It can even be washed directly in the washing machine, or the pillowcase and pillow core can be separated and washed The invisible zipper design makes the dog pillow more secure.

How to use custom dog pillow?

Customizing a dog pillow is very useful for you. You can use it at home or in the office, you can hold it to soothe your mood, you can also use it as a cushion to relieve back pressure, or even use it when you sleep. You can also hit it to relieve stress when you are angry.

Can I use dog face to custom dog pillow?

Of course, you can use the dog face, the effect is very beautiful, you can check our product details pictures.

How to take a picture of dog shaped pillow?

1. Make sure the photo is taken in good lighting. outdoor and daylight is best;
2. Try to take photos with your pet at eye level, your pet does not need to look at the camera;
3. Try to take photos at close range so that we can see the unique features of your pet;
4. Take a photo of your pet without any other animals, one pet per photo;
5. Make sure the photo is not blurred.

What is the material of the dog pillow?

The pillowcase is polyester fabric, hand-washed and machine washed without fading, environmentally friendly, soft and comfortable.
The inner pillow is made of PP cotton, which is soft and warm, elastic and more durable.

What are the sizes available for custom dog pillow?

We have a variety of sizes to choose from.
60cm (23.5")

Can I choose single-sided printing and double-sided printing dog pillows?

You can choose single-sided printing or double-sided printing in the product options.

Can the custom dog pillow be machine washed?

The pillowcase can be taken out separately and it can be machine-washed or hand-washed.

Why does the Dog pillow have white edges?

The dog pillow will become a round pillow after being filled with cotton. If there is no white border, the dog pillow will be distorted after expansion and stretching.

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