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Custom Pet Pillow

Custom pet photo pillow with your pet’s pictures, custom pillow of your pet to make life better. One piece customization. Free shipping worldwide.

Size: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm
Price: 26.99-$165.99

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Customize any pet’s pillow, Diipoo uses high-quality fabrics, the pillow core is high-quality PP cotton, you only need to provide a picture to customize.

Soft Fabric

Soft and delicate plush fabric, pet pillow has a soft surface texture, is not easy to stick, easy to clean, and durable.

Pet Pillow Soft fabric

HD Printing

Pet pillow uses digital printing technology to restore the color effect

Pet Pillow High-definition printing

Invisible Zipper

Metal invisible zipper, durable, will not scratch the skin, bring you a comfortable feeling

Pet Pillow Invisible zipper

How To Custom Pet Pillow

Customize Pet pillow easily in 10 seconds, upload pictures, choose size, and finally place an order.

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How to custom made Pet Pillow (1)
How to custom made Pet Pillow (3)

Recommended size

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Big Cat, Big Dog, Big Pets Pillow

Big Cat Big Dog Big Pets

Small Cat, Small Dog, Small Pets Pillow

Small Cat Small Dog Small Pets Pillow

Small Animals Pets Pillow

Small Animals Pets Pillow

Pets Head Face Pillow

Pets Head Face Pillow-jpg

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customer customized pet pillow products


How to customize the pet pillow?

With Diipoo online custom pet pillow tool, you just need to upload your pet's photo and we will produce a custom 3d pet pillow based on your pet's picture.

What are the types of custom pet pillows?

You can submit pet portrait pillow, dog head pillow, cat head pillow, etc. Diipoo will meet all your needs.

Why do we need custom pet pillow?

Pets whose humans share their beds tend to have a higher level of trust and can develop a stronger bond with the humans they share their lives with. Pets can move around in bed, bark and disturb their owners' sleep. Dogs and cats sleep discontinuously, so it is inevitable that they will get up and walk around the bed, or even step on their owners. And these activities will cause the owner's sleep to fragment. And Diipoo's custom pet pillow completely avoids these problems, you can have a complete sleep. For customers with asthma, the pet pillow is a perfect must-have.

Why Choose Diipoo Personalized Customized Pet Pillow?

DIipoo is the best pet pillow company, we offer custom dog pillow, custom cat pillow, we can also print your pet's name, we also offer custom pet pillows with fast shipping.

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