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Wholesale Body Pillow
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Wholesale Body Pillow



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* The aspect ratio of the image is best kept consistent with the Dakimakura. Can’t have too much deviation.

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Send an image (PSD IS BEST) that is at least 5000 or 9000 pixels, CMYK color model (larger the better quality) and 300 and above dpi (dots per inch).
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Four Body Pillow Materials

Peach Skin Body Pillow

Plush Skin Body Pillow

2WAY Body Pillow

NEW 2WAY Body Pillow

What Is An Custom Dakimakura?

The dakimakura is a pillow for the body image of the printed anime character. It consists of a pillowcase and a pillow inner. The pillow is placed in the pillowcase to form a complete anime body pillow.

You can choose add image, add text, or choose from designs on custom anime body pillow page. You can design whatever you like custom dakimakura on Diipoo.com.

How To Maintain A Dakimakura?

The summer to sweat, pillow inner head easily be hiding place of germs, Diipoo proposal, pillow inner at least biennially is changed, bask in every week. After drying after the pillow inner, not only the soft, no odor, and sleep up more comfortable, can improve the quality of sleep.

The anime body pillow inner made by PP cotton, pillowcase made by 2way material, the filling material is convenient and comfortable in use, and without any side effect.

How To Custom Anime Body Pillow

Upload images

Zoom in or out

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Custom Anime Body Pillow (1)
Custom Anime Body Pillow (2)
Custom Anime Body Pillow (3)
Custom Anime Body Pillow A Side(2)
Custom Anime Body Pillow B Side


  • Pillow inner: PP cotton stuffing
  • Pillowcase: Peach skin,Plush,2WAY fabric,New 2WAY
  • Filler content 81%-90%
  • Custom color
  • Free design
  • No minimum order


Dakimakura by Diipoo Brand


SIZE: 40*120CM, 50*150CM, 50*160CM, 60*170CM, 60*180CM

Custom area: A/B sides


For best results, check the label before you wash;
Do not touch the rough goods;
Use A Disposable Razor to get rid of pilling ;

Product Details

Hd Color Printing, Colorful Dakimakura

Digital technology, the pattern color is saturated evenly, the color is clear and delicate, and it is not faded.

Smooth And Beautiful Craftsmanship

Precision mechanical suturing technology-intensive neat pin

High-grade Fabric, Soft And Comfortable

Carefully selected high-grade, comfortable, soft and smooth fabrics

Pillowcases and Pillow Inner Details

100% Actual Shooting By Diipoo

customized pillowcases product details (1)
customized pillowcases product details (2)
customized pillowcases product details (3)
Custom Pillow Inner Details (2)
Custom Pillow Inner Details (3)
Custom Pillow Inner Details (1)

Custom Dakimakura Functions

Invisible zipper

Invisible Zipper

The zipper has been tested for tens of thousands of open and closed tests, and the hidden zipper is smooth, giving you the best protection.

Fine sewing

Fine Sewing

Sewing thread is firm and strong. Externally invisible suture.

Installing Tutorial Of Dakimakura

Open the zipper and pull the pillowcase to the other end

Squeeze the pillow and slowly insert the pillowcase

Slowly tidy up the body pillow

Check that the pillowcase is flat and finally pull in the zipper

Washing Instructions



Hand wash body pillow only at max 30º C. Ensure that washing agent is dissolved before immersing garment. Do not soak or allow to lie in water; coloured garments may run. Do not rub or wring garment.

To hand wash a anime body pillow, find a clean washbasin, tub or sink, fill with cold water and add just a few drops of mild detergent. Then, knead gently for two minutes. Rinse until the soap is gone and lay flat to dry.


Machine Wash

Most washing machines body pillow have a variety of settings, hot water, cold, warm, cold-then warm, etc. Just remember that hot water contributes to shrinkage and is harder on fabrics than cold. However, there are some serious stains out there that can only be mastered by a hot wash cycle. After a machine wash, you can hanging the anime body pillow to dry naturally. It may take hours instead of minutes, depending on the humidity of where you live.


Dry Body Pillow

Line drying is, obviously, It’s just the heat from the sun and the natural breeze. It helps you save money. Air drying your anime body pillow is much cheaper than buying a clothes dryer and dryer sheets.

Express Delivery

Location *Estimated Shipping Time
United States 10-20 Business days
Canada, Europe 10-20 Business days
Australia, New Zealand 10-30 Business days
Central & South America 15-30 Business days
Asia 10-20 Business days
Africa 15-45 Business days
*This doesn’t include our 2-5 day processing time.

Custom Dakimakura Life, More Than Enough

For the crowd: gamers, software technology developers, animation enthusiasts, etc.

Why To Choose Us?

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We get back to you fast so you know when your problem will be resolved.

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we listen to your problem and offer several strategies to resolve the ROOT of the problem and achieve your objectives.

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The Diipoo Team genuinely cares about every client. This drives us to provide absolute fanatical support.


What is a custom anime body pillow?

Custom Anime Body Pillow is also called custom dakimakura, it is currently the most popular personalized body pillow.
Dakimakura became a way for anime and manga fans to get up close and personal with their favorite characters.
You can customize a single-sided or double-sided body pillow with only one picture.

Why choose custom body pillow?

We're talking large designs, here—almost life-sized! Diipoo has four different materials, peach skin, plush, 2way and the newly launched New 2way.
We also have five different sizes, 120x40cm, 150x50cm, 160x50cm, 170x60cm, 180x60cm.
It has the same size as a real person, and the depth of personalized customization can meet your needs.

Should I buy a anime body pillow?

Yes, you can buy one or even two. We have discussed the benefits of dakimakura in our blog, and we believe you can buy custom pillows.

Should you sleep with a anime body pillow?

When I take a lunch break or a rest in the evening, I use the body pillow, which makes my life better. Relax and feel full of comfort, you deserve a dakimakura body pillow.

Additional information


Peach Skin, Plush, 2 Way Tricot, New 2Way


40X120, 50×150, 51X137(20"x54"), 50×160, 60×170, 60×180


10 Pillowcases