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How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Blankets? 10 Ways You Must Learn

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Blankets? 10 Ways You Must Learn

Do you want to remove the dog hair on the blankets? Anyone who has raised a dog knows this problem. How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Blankets? This problem has been bothering us. For handling all kinds of dog hair, when cleaning the room, we are always accustomed to using a vacuum cleaner to […]

How To Wash Blankets

Everyone Needs To Know How To Wash Blankets

During COVID-19, maintaining home hygiene is essential. Therefore, keeping Blankets clean and tidy is more important than ever, but most people do not have clear Blankets in time. Blankets are commonly used beddings and have strong warmth retention. It is lighter and thinner than the quilt. Many people don’t know how to clean the blanket […]

What is Dakimakura

The Ultimate Guide to Dakimakura

When you go to sleep along with a right mattress, you should ensure that you have a right pillow to rest your head and your body on.   An orthopaedic pillow can help to provide the comfort necessary and making it easier for you to get a good night’s sleep.   The Japanese company Dakimakura […]

Custom Wall Scroll (1)

How To Hang Wall Scrolls? 4 Methods You Must Know

Yes, we have been discussing Wall scroll recently, and someone will always ask us, How To Hang Wall Scrolls? If you want a Custom Wall Scroll, you can choose Diipoo online service. For things you do not understand, you can check this article: What is a Wall Scroll? The Ultimate Guide Foreword Method 1: Thumbtacks […]

Custom Wall Scroll (5)

What is a Wall Scroll? The Ultimate Guide

What Is a Wall Scroll? Today I will introduce Wall Scroll to everyone. You can deeply understand the history and origin of Wall Scroll. You can choose Diipoo Custom Wall Scroll online service,create your own Japanese wall scroll. Let’s start! Definition & History Make Custom Wall Scrolls Online Hang Wall Scrolls Without Hooks Development Conclusion […]

What is a peach skin fabric dakimakura

15 Peach Skin Fabric Dakimakura Truths Everything You Need To Know

What is a peach skin fabric dakimakura? Table of Contents What is a peach skin fabric dakimakura?Why called peach skin fabric?ApplicationAppearanceFunctionHand feelEffectTouchAdvantagesDisadvantagesHow to wash peach skin dakimakura?How to maintain peach skin dakimakura?Allergic to peach skin fabric dakimakuraPeach skin fabric dakimakura with hair on itCustom peach skin fabric dakimakura As the name implies, it is a […]

Why The Best Dakimakura Dimensions Is 50*160cm?

Why The Best Dakimakura Dimensions Is 50*160cm?

A suitable dakimakura is good for your sleep, then how to choose the right one? The pillow core we often use is 50*160cm in size, or 60*180cm generally. Experts have found that the traditional square dakimakura of 80*80cm can’t give people good sleep, but, on the contrary, may hinder human body from relaxing, and cause […]

5 Ways How To Select The Right Dakimakura Size (1)

5 Ways To Choose The Right Dakimakura Size

Everyone is familiar with dakimakura, as we may use them in everyday life or work, as they are comfortable to hold.   How big should a dakimakura be?   There are requirements for the sizes of dakimakura, as they have different types and styles, and users have different demands.   How to choose the right […]

5 Amazing Dakimakura Benefits Become An Essential Item In Life (1)

5 Amazing Dakimakura Benefits Become An Essential Item In Life

In the past, our understanding of a body pillow (also called as 抱き枕or dakimakura in Japanese) has only remained at its ornamental level, and the only sense of security it could bring.   However, in fact, there are many functions of a body pillow. If we don’t learn them, we really don’t know that we […]


4 Oppai Mousepad Templates You Need In Your Otaku Life

Yes, loves oppai so much that we created this oppai mousepad product! In order to let everyone experience a unique service, we have found 4 oppai mousepad templates. We provide four templates in different styles for everyone, I hope you can use the custom 3d mouse pad service, now Diipoo custom service has been […]

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