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Finally the correct order came

So after the wrong order was received after about another 13 days I finally receive my correct order

After the last order I received by accident having a very terrible printing quality it made a kinda worried
But to my surprise the quality is almost on part with official dakimakura on the market
The prominent creases are also easy to fix which is a relief

Pretty comfy to sleep and cuddle with actually so that’s a plus

My only complaint again was the wrong order I received last time
And the package tracking was really really behind with tracking so it didn’t tell me any update (even tho it was the same day) for days on end

Glad you received the order, if it is the wrong order we will remake and ship, please don't worry.

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Spencer Andersen
Exactly As Expected

Fantastic mousepad. I've been enjoying it for weeks!


An artist recommended Diipoo, so I chose it! I really like it!

5 Stars!

Based 5/5! The best custom body pillow!

Custom 3D Mouse Pad

high quality

Great quality mousepad. Came very quickly after ordering. Ordered to help allieviate wrist strain from hours long sessions of game develooment and design as these can be quite lengthy on messing around in image and 3d editing. Totally noticed difference immediately, 10000% better. Image quality is also pristine. Next time I'm going a size up!.

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Ricky Lovell
It actually came.

I ordered a ridiculous mouse, but as soon as I saw the tracking information, I thought, this has to be a scam. I researched the tracking information and it screamed scam. I was going to ask PayPal to refund my money immediately, but something in me told me to just wait. Diipoo said i would get my mousepad in 10-35 days. I waited about 14 and it actually came. It's a legit site, at least my experience was legit. Lowkey, I still don't trust the tracking information, but the item came at the end of the day, and it made an amazing present. Honestly, if I would recommend this company, if they would use a better tracking information provider.

Thank you for you trust! Free shipping time: 7-35 days.Have a good day!

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Titus Gacke

Custom 3D Mouse Pad

Custom Mousepad

Came out looking great!

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Aaron Rubio

I really like it it's very nice and comfy to use. I would love to buy again next time.

order recieved

holiday mail put a slight delay in reciept but product well worth the wait. Design came out flawless in print with rich color hue and is velvet smooth. Glad with how this came out. 10 of 10 would buy again.

Yes, we also found this problem, we asked the shipper and they said: Due to the holiday season, the warehouse is overloaded and all orders have to wait for their processing at the moment. We are sorry for this situation.

recieved the wrong body pillow

i have been waiting for almost 2 and a half week for to arrive
and when i recieved it and opend it instead recieved this
i did not order master chief

i orderd my oc cat girl (the pink one)
i do not recommend using this site at all

(and don't try to delete/ hid this diipoo i know you will)
if i could give 0/5 i would

This is a mistake of the factory. They confuse your order with another customer's order. We will contact another customer, and at the same time, remake the shipping for you and use Fast shipping.

We are really sorry, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions, we will deal with this small mistake.

Have a nice day!

Overall Excellent

Excellent softness in the wrist support area of the mousepad, excellent customer service, excellent design team. I only had to email the image I wanted and the Diipoo team aligned it for me. My girlfriend LOVED the gift - they say it's the second best thing I've ever gotten for them. Print quality is very clear too. 100% worth it.

Great service, product and quality! (50x150, Plush Fabric.)

My client loved their Dakimakura pillow. They defined it as soft and cuddly, great image quality and shipping was quicker than expected!
Personally I had a good experience when I needed to ask Diipoo questions about image details and editing and they quickly provided replies and help, they even edited the image positioning and colors themselves to get an amazing result both me and my client loved! Definitely working with Diipoo again soon! Thank you!

(Have not added images for my client's privacy!)


After using a picture I found. They were able to create the perfect mousepad for me.

May Body Pillow Peach Skin

took about 20 days as advertised and i love it! i sleep with it daily and the pillow that came with it is also nice. Great quality, i'll admit i had my doubts... until it came in!!!!!! i am so happy. The store even reached out on twitter.

大型マウスパッド 印刷

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Evan Hughes
Amazing work, no judgement

They took the picture I wanted, created it perfectly on the mousepad, and sent it out, no judgement or questions... The material is good and strong, and so far has been great <3

Looks great feels great

My custom body pillow was made and received quickly. It looks great and is very comfortable. I highly recommend.


Took a while to show up. but i was in no hurry. it showed up within 30 days but barely. also i did it around december and you know how that goes. but all in all. its pretty good. quality is good. the grip on the back its really good for my desk. the mouse pad will not slid around or anything. its very soft and distractible. looks like it will last a while so i look forward to that.

Very Satisfied

Was looking for a place to print some 3D mousepads of my business's characters. Great response time on both the manufacturing and answering of questions. Great quality. Will use again.

PawFeather Comics

Perfect response service and product.

When the delivered mouse pad reported something wrong, they immediately produced and delivered a new one.
The quality is very high and the satisfaction is high.
If you're thinking about a 3d mouse pad, I recommend it.

I will definitely consider buying again in the future

It took some time to arrive, so its important to be patient. But the support was great, and the quality of the product itself is great too.
Absolutely recommended if you're looking for your own custom mouse pad.

Very nice and beautiful

Material, finish, response speed, all are the best
Great without complaint

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