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Based on 384 reviews
Didn't know what to expect, but I'm glad I bought it.

First time ordering a body pillow case. Wasn't sure which fabric to go with, but after reading up on the difference between them, I went with the new 2 way. Didn't know what to expect, but I'm sure glad I went with it. I'm really impressed with everything about it. The way it looks, the quality of the art came out on it, and how soft the fabric is. Was not expecting it to look so good.

I will definitely be a returning customer when I'm in need of another case.
Would 100% recommended both Diipoo and new 2 way fabric.

Thank you for your high praise, we are very touched!

Custom Anime Body Pillow

Thank you for your trust!

Custom Anime Body Pillow
Indrajith Kulatunge
A great Bday present

I got this as a birthday gift for a friend using art I commissioned from another friend. It looks great and I would highly recommend the 2 way Tricot material

Thanks for your recommendation!

Custom Dakimakura Keychain
Indrajith Kulatunge
An amazing Bday present

I added the keyring version onto the main order with the full size dakimakura. My friend loved both of them!

Thank you for your trust!

Custom pillow cover


Thank you for your review!

A wonderful and comfortable product

I bought the 21 x 26 cm mousepad, and I have no regrets! It's a very comfortable and visually appealing product.

This was my first oppai mousepad, but I highly recommend using Diipoo!

And, yes, I got a mousepad of Luthier with his design from Fire Emblem Gaiden.

Thank you for your review! Diipoo will be launching more products in the future!

Great quality!

Colors came out great and overall a very good quality.

Thank you for your review! Diipoo will get better!

Kovac's review:

Ver good pillow, ver soft

Thank you for your feedback! We hope you will continue to choose our services!

Custom Anime Body Pillow
Емилиян Караджов

Great print quality

Thank you for your feedback! My friend!

Custom Anime Figures
Jonathan Kopetz
Amazing work

The custom figure came out amazing. I can't recommend it enough.

Customized anime figurines look great. Thank you for sharing!

Eiken telephone cards

It took a while to decide on all the card details, but it was worth it. They feel and look great, like any other telephone card. I'm very pleased with my orders. They can make a lot of custom things, and that's appreciated. ^^

We have communicated with you through dozens of emails and finally completed the order. Thank you for your trust!

Custom Dakimakura Keychain

Thank you for choosing Diipoo's custom products.

Custom RGB Mouse Pad
Luca Frenker

Great quality, love it!!

Thank you!

Wholesale 3D Mouse Pad
Michelle Gamboa

I love working with Diipoo! The mousepads came out so beautiful, and all my clients loved them. 🙂 Thank you!

Thank you for choosing Diipoo's custom products. We are delighted to have provided you with satisfactory service and products, and we hope they perfectly meet your needs.

*Incredible* Quality and Touch!

I've always wanted an Elastigirl mousepad, but I could never find anyone selling or making them. I then got introduced to Diipoo and I submitted all the designs I wanted. I'm amazed at the quality, they are extremely soft touch and have a skin like quality to them, making them very nice to feel. I'm so happy because now I can finally have my favorite waifu of all time with me while I do work. I'll definitely be buying more in the future (already have a full body pad on the way) thank you Diipoo!

We've enlarged your image and everything looks absolutely perfect! Thank you for choosing Diipoo, we're thrilled to have been able to assist you.

Custom Anime Posters
Jonathan Kopetz
Amazing work

I can't recommend this service enough. The colors are vibrant and clear.

We're thrilled that you've chosen Diipoo to create a custom poster that's uniquely yours.

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Vincent Killic
Came out great!

The texture quality was superb, definitely might have to return in the near future to order more like it!

Thank you for your choice!

Custom Anime Body Pillow
Jaime Quintanilla
Naruto body pillow r-18

love it definitely ordering more the pic came out really good for it being super old XD

Thank you very much for choosing Diipoo's customization service! We can enlarge the image up to 16 times!

Diipoo Overlord Albedo Anime Body Pillow Cover Hentai Dakimakura

You are welcome to use our services again in the future.

Custom Anime Body Pillow
Jonathan Kopetz
Awesome work

The pillow came out perfect. Will definitely order again.

Thank you! We appreciate it!

Scott Howl do be having titties

Voluptuous breasting boobily tiddies, the only type worthy of scott howl and my wrist

Thank you for choosing Diipoo!

Kiki Daki
Kiyomi Pyon-Pyon Dakimakura

Beautiful print, colors are vibrant and deep! Extremely pleased with the quality, and shipping was fast.

Got the ones I want

Thank you so much!! it’s the exactly the same as i order and it’s very comfortable!!

It was an honor to create your unique body pillow, and we can't thank you enough for choosing us to bring your vision to life.

Custom Anime Body Pillow

Perfect. The quality is good and delivered as promised.

Thank you for choosing Diipoo to create your personalized body pillow. We appreciate your trust in us and hope that you enjoy your purchase.

Custom Blankets
Daniel Allemeier
5 stars period

Great quality image, soft all around. Nothing but perfection!

Thank you for your rating!

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