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Custom Mouse Pad

Highly recommend this seller

We appreciate your trust and support for our products!

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Paavo Karppinen

Custom 3D Mouse Pad

Thank you for choosing to purchase our 3D mouse pad! Your support means a lot to Diipoo!

best pillow ever

genuinely one of the best pillowcases I've ever had. I decided to get the 2way peach skin and it was definitely the best choice! the printing quality is awesome, details really come thru. its very comfy and gets cold real easy so sleeping with it is a dream!!

Yes, the peach skin has good warmth retention ability. It is best to use plush material in winter as it provides the strongest warmth retention. Thank you for your feedback!

Custom Wall Scrolls
Edward J Leahy

The quality is very good! Diipoo's service is also very good. My picture was not clear enough, and Lei helped me enlarge it four times. Thank you.

Thank you for your trust! We currently have three types of materials that can meet anyone's needs. Remember to use our discount code, 'Diipoo10', when purchasing our products next time.

Great Quality

The printing is incredibly vibrant, just a lovely job all around. No gross VOC smells on unpacking, and it fluffed up immediately. Purchased as a gift and they love it!

Thank you for your trust and support! Remember to use our discount code: Diipoo10.


will buy again

Thank you for your trust. We enlarged your pictures by 4 times, and the effect looks very good.


will buy another one in the future.

Remember to recommend it to your friends, thank you for your trust.


Best T-shirt ever!

The original image has a minimal resolution, we enlarged it 8 times, hope you like it! Welcome to be Diipoo's customer again.

Comfy and stylish

New 3D mousepad arrived.
Just like the previous one its top tier!!!
Amazing work.

Thank you for trusting Diipoo's service, one RGB mouse pad, and one 3D mouse pad.

This is epic!!!

After i got my new phone i was so ready for a custom phone case.
And now i´m actually schocked how amazing it looks.
It is so beautiful.

Thank you for trusting Diipoo. We have processed this image and the printing effect is very good.

I bought two scrolls!

The printing effect is very good, and the black scroll is the cheapest!

Thank you!

Custom Anime Body Pillow

Thank you for your trust!

Custom Wall Scrolls
Joshua Flores

The images came out good, but I'd have gotten the white canvas over the basic if I knew how much it'd wash out the more vibrantly-colored pieces. A comparison between the digital image & the print sample may help customers have a better idea of how their scroll may come out.

The white canvas is currently the best material for scrolls. Thank you for trusting Diipoo.

In love with my Wonho mousepad!

I am very happy with the purchase. The shipping was very reasonable and the item is very good quality. I actually received the first order damaged and they corrected it right away shipping me a new one and came quickly and it was perfect! Great customer service!

Thank you for your understanding! We will compensate for the broken order.

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Benjamin Vercaempst
Just as I expected

Good quality. Great job

Thank you for your recognition!

I ordered a custom hair and faceplate, with 2 ocarinas, and I'm very happy with the result! The pieces were packed with lots of padding (foam, bubble wrap and cotton), so even though the box was a bit beat up there was nothing lost or broken. Communication was fast and responsive, whether on email or discord.

Thank you for rating! Getting a review is not easy, 90% of people can’t write reviews. Thank you for your trust and support!

Custom Wall Scrolls
William Gatien

Yor Forger Spy x Family Sexy Wall Scroll

Thank you!


Was really looking forward for the result and it turn out really good.
Totally worth it. Just like the custom 3D Mousepad i ordered long time ago from here
Getting a custom RGB Mousepad on Diipoo was the best choice for me,
Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate our loyal customers.



Haha, thank you for your compliment, we are honored!

Didn't know what to expect, but I'm glad I bought it.

First time ordering a body pillow case. Wasn't sure which fabric to go with, but after reading up on the difference between them, I went with the new 2 way. Didn't know what to expect, but I'm sure glad I went with it. I'm really impressed with everything about it. The way it looks, the quality of the art came out on it, and how soft the fabric is. Was not expecting it to look so good.

I will definitely be a returning customer when I'm in need of another case.
Would 100% recommended both Diipoo and new 2 way fabric.

Thank you for your high praise, we are very touched!

Custom Anime Body Pillow

Thank you for your trust!

Custom Anime Body Pillow
Indrajith Kulatunge
A great Bday present

I got this as a birthday gift for a friend using art I commissioned from another friend. It looks great and I would highly recommend the 2 way Tricot material

Thanks for your recommendation!

Custom Dakimakura Keychain
Indrajith Kulatunge
An amazing Bday present

I added the keyring version onto the main order with the full size dakimakura. My friend loved both of them!

Thank you for your trust!

Custom pillow cover


Thank you for your review!

A wonderful and comfortable product

I bought the 21 x 26 cm mousepad, and I have no regrets! It's a very comfortable and visually appealing product.

This was my first oppai mousepad, but I highly recommend using Diipoo!

And, yes, I got a mousepad of Luthier with his design from Fire Emblem Gaiden.

Thank you for your review! Diipoo will be launching more products in the future!

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