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Exactly What I Wanted

I'm extremely happy with my purchase and I got exactly what I wanted! The colors of the image look nice and crisp on the pillow and the overall process was extremely easy.

Not the same

What I received was not exactly as was on display. I expected to receive a pad with Nami’s titties exposed but what I received was her bra on. I could’ve bought that same image cheaper elsewhere. The image on the site was perfect

Sorry, we will resend a mouse pad to you, please don't worry.


Looks beautiful. I will definitely buy another one!

Thank you.

Custom Anime Rugs
Aldo Naqellari
Hentai GF Rug

Very well Done! I like my custom Rug and even my girl, the owner, is happy that You made it so good. The quality is high and We enjoy this beautiful Rug. See You soon.

Thank you.

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Brady Fullmer

Order was perfect

Thank you.

Anxiety lol

I was very scared of it being not a very nice quality, like the picture, i mean. Because my friend drew it to me and the pictures weren’t having the best quality, i’m always super paranoiac about my orders lol. But when i got it i got very happy! The picture quality is PERFECT! And the material is softer than i expected. Thank you!

Thank you for your trust.

Custom Anime Body Pillow
Kelvin Bong Lee

The new 2 way is very soft and came earlier than expected.

Thank you. Sir.

Well Done

The Pillow is way better than I thought it would be I love it very very much

Thank you.

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Nathan Smith
Thick omniman ass

Its perfect and it came fast. Just like my friend who I'm giving it to.

Thank you.

Top quality

The exquisite firm touch of this mousepad leaves one's mind at ease and your soul full of comfort as you slap that bad boy on the table in satisfaction, as the search is over, and you, my friend have found the mousepad of your dreams. Get the small booby mousepad, to summon the man the myth the legend, bobicus if the virtual sluggyness to slay your impending carpal tunnel. or you could start livin like Larry and get the LARGE BECAUSE YOU ARE LIVING LARGE AND IN CHARGE!

the large extends your already flawless experience by adding an extra couple inches I wish I personally had (sobs) *ahem* anyway the plumpness of the tummy leading all the way to the breasts leave your arm feeling well rested and not hurting after a long days gaming session.

I can feel your enthusiasm, thank you.

Bose Dakimakura

Ordered in plush, its warm and soft. Very high print resolution & vibrant collors. Very thicc. Perfect for snuggling, perfect for bullying.

Thank you.

such warm comfort

such a masterpiece of work. the bacon and maple syrup looks so good i want to eat it right off the beautiful soft but firm mouse pad. i could keep my wrist happy with a full day hard vigorous work. its like my arm is floating on a cloud of squishy perfection all day long. dont talk yourself out of this one its worth it.

Thank you. It's amazing!

Custom Anime Body Pillow
Nathan Einam-Jack

Custom Anime Body Pillow

Thank you sir.

Krystal Oppai Mousepad
Elreydelleon Fox
Loving the Krystal Fox mouse pad

The artwork is very pristine, and the gel padding is comfortable and durable. A good price for a good piece.

Thank you sir.

love them

i love them. my life is in shambles but at the end of the day i have this comically enormous pathologic body pillow to come home to

Thank you for your trust.

I am just happy

I always wanted to have a body pillow like this, and you made my dream come true! <3 Thank you so much!
It has a wonderful quality, beautiful colors, and the whole work- and shipping process was very fast as well; did not expect it to arrive before christmas but it is, so, best christmas ever x//D
Thanks again for making my future nights and naps cozy and special <33
I am sure this won't be my last order here!

Thank you for your trust and support, and Diipoo wishes you a Merry Christmas.

MY BEST PURCHASE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( . )( . ) 🙂

I mean what's not to like? The product has a whole ass pocket pussy BUILT-IN!!! Thats not some ordinary shit lemme tell ya. My other waifus are so fuckin jealous when she rides me.

I already feel your passion.

Absolutely love it

Like the title says. I'm absolutely in love with my order. Granted some of the edges were a bit choppy, but I couldn't honestly care about that. Thank you so much for the excellent product!

Thank you bro!

Great quality!

I ordered a peach skin body pillow case using art that I drew and the quality ended up being amazing. There were no details lost and the colors ended up being perfect. The case itself is also wonderful quality - the peach skin fabric stays nice and cool, and the zipper at the bottom stays hidden and is strong enough to withstand the force required to get a pillow inside. Great work, super pleased with my order!

Thank you for your review! Welcome to order again.

Custom Anime Figures
Benjamin Vercaempst
Worth it.

Personally, I feel very happy with what I got. Thank you very much

Thank you for your honest review.

Where is the advertised seam sealing???

The product, as well as the shipping time has been top. I have not much to complain about it. The fact that you're able to customize as much as thickness, size and general design, even with pictures of bad resolution is nothing but just amazing. Yet as the title says, the advertised seam sealing (or stitching) is simply non existent, which saddens me a bit in regards to the price i've paid for it. If i would've known that it isn't part of the service, i surely have bought a simple and even cheaper (in price) mousepad with stitching, instead of this one.

This is something the vendor has to either clarify, by removing a part of the description and the associated pictures and videos, or by actually doing/offering it. Anything else is unfortunately nothing more than false advertising.

Troubles aside, i'll still order from diipoo for sure, but recommend everyone who's interested to contact the vendor in advance to avoid any misunderstandings.

Thank you for your reviews!
We have both Locked edge mouse pad and no lock edge mouse pad. The default mouse pad is no lock edge because I think this is the best looking print.
We will continue to optimize this product and add options.


We have added new product attributes. Thanks for your feedback.

OC Body Pillow

TL:DR. The material is nice and soft. And the image is good.

Thank you for your trust!

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Katinka Henni
Custom 3D mouse pad

It turned out even better than I expected! Very happy with my purchase 🙂

Thank you!

Perfect in every way⭐️

The order came out exactly the way I wanted perfect Texture (I went with the plush) and color it even fit perfectly over my body pillow. Sometimes when I get stuff from other places for some reason it smells like it was kept in someone’s basement but this didn’t smell at all which had me grateful. I love it so very much I highly recommend!

Thank you for you review!

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