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Wonho 3D Butt Hoodie Realistic Mouse Pad


the material and quality is so nice and the image I included is so high res on the item, very pleased!

Custom Anime Shirts
Pomegranate Grapefruit
Anime Shirt

This shirt is perfect 👌 I can't believe it was made! Excellent quality, fits perfectly and is stretchy just if you need be!

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Mikhail Rapposelli
Great Product

It is amazing, it came fairly quickly and wasn't that expensive. It also feels like it is high quality and it looks good as well. Love it 10/10!

Great pad

Quality is very good,easy to carry , i recommend it!.

Custom Wall Scrolls
Carson Burch
Best gift!

I gotten this gift for my gf and when I heard it would arrive too late for me to give it to her in person. So I asked for a change in address and it arrive at her house perfectly fine. She said it was amazing for what they did. I got to see it in person and it is way way better in person than it is online. I’m really looking forward to buying more stuff from this place!!

Better than most of the well known shops

It was cheaper, took less time, was easier to use and the order arrived in perfect condition. I asure you, the other good reviews are NOT bot comments but actual people 🙂

Custom RGB Mouse Pad
Pomegranate Grapefruit
Mats and pillowcase.

The mouse mats look awesome 👌 especially the rgb one ! But the pictures on the pillow case look slightly cut off at the edges. If I were informed of how the finished product would look, I'd have put borders so the inclines of the edges wouldn't affect it or make the artwork look cut off. But it's still excellent quality and a really great job , so for this review it's a 4/5 stars 🌟 here's a look at this awesome RGB mouse mat.

Very good product

Great quality, the color is beautiful and the shipment was fast

Custom Anime Shirts
BlackYoshi 230
All star

The only problem I had with the shark was the armpits or should I say the sleeves were kind of short didn’t have enough room every time I stretched it got very tight but besides that everything was good 💫

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Brooke Monge
Looks great

Ended up looking really awesome. Very pleased.

Thank you for your trust and support!

Fantastic product and customer support

I ordered two 2-way tricot cases. The fabric feels wonderful, and I can already tell it’ll stay comfortably cool in summer. The print is also fantastic.
There was an error with my order where the incorrect images were paired together, but when I contacted support they were quick to correct it and got new ones printed and sent right away. This service was fantastic, and that plus the high quality of the product means I will now recommend this to anyone looking to have cases printed.

If any errors occur, we will produce new products for the users.

amazing service!

I've been getting many products from diipoo and I've loved every one of them. I'm addicted, even!

Thank you!

Custom Wall Scrolls
Andrew Soutar
amazing quality

the wall scrolls came safely & the detail is beyond what i had before great work

Worked with this company many times and never been dissapointed!

First off this place has amazing customer service! They send proofs quickly, they ship off quickly, and communication is direct! These new mousepads came out great and the ones from 2022 are still amazing quality! Whenever someone asks where to get this type of manufacturing done I always recommend this place first!

Custom Blankets
BlackYoshi 230
The the best

Amazing six stars💜

Kissen Selbst Gestalten
Elisabeth Rybiczka
pillows and more

I've ordered something several times now and I'm thrilled every time. especially the support is really nice, thank you

Excellent Product

I love the mousepad. It was exactly what I was looking for!

The staff at Diipoo are delighted to serve you!

Wonderful custom gift

Came out just as it showed on the preview. Great quality. I'm likely to get more from here eventually.

Thank you for your recognition! We also have wholesale mouse pads!

Made it By Christmas!

Ordered one for a secret Santa and oof the date was cutting it close. I'm so glad they were able to get it processed quickly and shipped out.

Texture is good (peach skin) and should my giftee's pets attack it, it won't break the bank to replace it which is a godsend.

Haha, thank you for your recognition! Our current customer repurchase rate is 70%, and we hope more people will like Diipoo.

So happy with how they came out!

I ordered mousepads from two manufacturers and Diipoo's are much nicer quality. I'll be ordering a full batch soon!

Thank you for choosing Diipoo's service!

Custom Anime Figures

We appreciate your trust.

Custom Mouse Pad

Highly recommend this seller

We appreciate your trust and support for our products!

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Paavo Karppinen

Custom 3D Mouse Pad

Thank you for choosing to purchase our 3D mouse pad! Your support means a lot to Diipoo!

best pillow ever

genuinely one of the best pillowcases I've ever had. I decided to get the 2way peach skin and it was definitely the best choice! the printing quality is awesome, details really come thru. its very comfy and gets cold real easy so sleeping with it is a dream!!

Yes, the peach skin has good warmth retention ability. It is best to use plush material in winter as it provides the strongest warmth retention. Thank you for your feedback!

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