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Nice mousepad with a minor mistake

Lets not kid ourselves - this is a luxury item, considering you pay 50 Dollar for something as mundane as a mousepad. However it IS one of a kind if you submit your own design and it has raised boobs and all, so it certainly is different than your standard mousepad. The colors are nice and vibrant, the print came out great, however there must've spilled a tiny drop of some kind of glue onto the left boob of my mousepad, because there is a hard, dried drop on the fabric that I can't scratch off and I'm afraid if I rub any harder, it might make a hole into the fabric, so that's a little sad. For something that expensive, I'd expect for it to come out perfectly.
However I'm sure that was an accident and not a standard mistake, so all that aside it is a really nice item!

Half of printed image is missing

The mousepad itself is usable and works but is definitely not worth the money considering half of the image is missing.

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
재형 김


Thank you for your real comment, currently we have upgraded the 3D mouse pad material, you can choose 2WAY for the same price, print color perfectly, 3 days production time.

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Savannah H.
Genuinely great quality

Really glad I found this website. Got a mousepad of Sans as a joke gift for my brother, and it arrived in about 20 days in perfect condition. Printed image quality is just as good as the picture I'd uploaded. Haven't tested it, but the wrist support is probably great too. $50 is the perfect price, super happy with it. Thanks so much!

Thank you! My friend!
We were established in 2019, we know it's not easy to gain trust, we will continue to introduce new products in the future, and strive for your likes and recommendations.

Splendid quality and fast delivery!

It arrived quicker than expected and the quality is exceptional! Thank you. 🙂 Also, the square creases that you see are no longer there, these are pictures of when it first arrived. The pillow case was perfectly folded over a square piece of cardboard.

Thank you for your trust and support! bro!

We also have 8 bit printing, which can restore 99% of the printing color, and you can use our service again in the future.

Wonho Muscle Chest Pecs Realistic 3D Mouse Pad

Custom mat

I was skeptical at first for custom Playmats. But I’ve ordered over 6 items now. I keep coming back cuz I trust their quality and customer support.

We accept NSFW pictures, thank you for your trust and support!


At first I thought it was gonna be dubious or just not good but I actually really love it. I got a booba mouse pad for my best girl Fjorm 🙂

Thank you for your trust. At present, we strongly recommend 2WAY 3D mousepad. The printing of the mouse pad is more exquisite!

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Kevin Trombly
It's perfect!

Built precisely to specifications, the wrist rest isn't too large (like other mousepads I've had), everything lines up perfectly, what more could I ask for?

It took a lot of time to arrive, but that's to be expected when ordering from overseas.

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
David Newton

Printing is great quality - thanks!

Love it !

High quality pillow. And the plush version is so so soft ! Thank you for this service!

Ava Lamp Oppai Mousepad
Keegan Drysdale
Amazing Mousepad

As someone who uses a computer too much, but has too small a desk, this mousepad is great for keeping the feeling in my right hand!

Wholesale Body Pillow

I absolutely love the body pillow covers I bought from Diipoo. They are great quality, soft and the print looks amazing! They were also individually and safely packaged, so even though the shipping carton was really beat up (not Diipoos fault at all), they arrived in pristine condition. Thank you very much 🙂

Very Good Quality

I bought one in Lycra not knowing how the quality was going to be and I was very surprised to see how quickly it got delivered and the quality of the mousepad itself. The print isn't blurry or pixelated and is very soft. Definitely worth the $50 I spent.

Booba Mousepad

I got my order after 4 weeks even tho it says it will take 15-20 business days. I understand the delay because of the covid-thingy. But the mousepad was safe and properly delivered. It was pretty well made and top tier quality.

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Frederick Perry
Pricey but Good

All of my shipment, all 40 pads arrived in great condition.
The colors were vibrant and the pads were all well made.

I intend to buy more for sale to my customers, but the price is a bit high.
I'll be sending test orders to other companies and comparing in the coming months. These pads are good, but I'll be shopping around a bit before I commit to a reeeeally big order.

Custom 3D Mouse Pad
Alexander Merten
Perfect! From picture to mousepad!

No really, commissions that can be perfectly used for it, the pads inside are sturdy and yet soft. The mouse slides smooth over the surface and the hand can rest on it for hours without any pain.

Canadian review

I found this site when I googled the Wonho Chest Mousepad. I'm always cautious with new websites but it shipped really quickly and came out perfect. I ordered the 2-way Tricot and it's totally worth it, it's so realistic. It is a gift for my sister and I know she'll love it.

KDA All Out Evelynn 3D Oppai Mouse Pad

Custom RGB Mouse Pad
Chantal Wehrli

Custom RGB Mouse Pad

Pretty cool

Turned out better than i thought it would!

Custom Anime Body Pillow
Harmony Vasquez

Custom Anime Body Pillow

Custom Anime Body Pillow

Bloo Body Pillow
Gotta say... Pretty hot

I got the largest in 2 Way Tricot. Quality is amazing and I havent slept a single night without it since I got it. The fabric is nice and soft and the print quality is top notch. 10/10

Wonho Muscle Chest Pecs Realistic 3D Mouse Pad

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