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Show your Creativity

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Since the establishment of Diipoo, we have received custom orders from thousands of people, many of whom are artists, but their orders are few, and many times to customize the service. This will increase production costs and shipping costs.

So we thought of creating Diipoo Artist Store. You can customize body pillows, Oppai mouse pad, etc. in Diipoo in batches, and then set up your own store to promote your store on social media, and you will get high profits.

How Diipoo artist works

registration as artist

Please Click Registration as Artist. We will review your request, please wait 1-8 hours.

Upload your products

Login Artist dashboard, creat your artwork use Diipoo custom service

Customers receive

Once the order is placed, we will make it, it takes about 3-7 days to make, Customers get an awesome product, and you get paid

diipoo unique products

Your art on over 10 unique products


Once the order is placed, we will make it, it takes about 3-7 days to make, Customers get an awesome product, and you get paid

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Our unique advantage


You don’t need to worry about anything.

  • No MOQ
  • Free Diipoo transportation service
  • Free customer service
  • Free warehousing service
  • 7-20 days shipping time
  • Add more services in the future

You are in control

Dipoo support (3)

Open your own store and control your creativity, copywriting and prices

Dipoo support (1)

Share your shop and gain fans’ support

Dipoo support (2)

7/24 customer service, let you sit back and relax


What is Diipoo shipping functions?

Diipoo will provide all transportation services, currently can use EUB, DHL, USPS. You don’t need to manage transportation, we will control it.

How long is the shipping time?

After our tests, European countries and North American countries, the transportation time will take 7-15 days, before mailing to your customers, we will send Track Order Number to the user, to facilitate the user to check the delivery status.

What is the Diipoo artist refund policy?

Since it is a customized product, we cannot provide refund service, please forgive me.

Can I cancel my order at any time?

We will start shipping in a day, if you want to cancel the order, please contact in time.

How do I join the artist store?

Please register to wait for us to pass the service, and then communicate specific questions by email:

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