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How to Clean (Wash) Oppai Mouse Pad: Tips and Tricks

With the increasing popularity of computer use, 3D oppai mouse pads have become an indispensable accessory for work.

However, since we often come into contact with 3D oppai mouse pads, they can easily accumulate dust, stains and other debris that affect their appearance and effectiveness.

Therefore, regular cleaning of 3D oppai mouse pads is particularly important. Diipoo will provide various methods to clean and maintain your 3D oppai mouse pad.

Why choose a 3D oppai mouse pad?

3D oppai mouse pads are uniquely designed with anime or game characters as their main feature on the surface.

Compared to traditional gaming mouse pads, 3D oppai mouse pads offer a more comfortable and enjoyable user experience. Pressing down on a 3D oppai mouse pad gives you a soft touch sensation.

3D oppai mouse pads are usually made using high-resolution digital printing technology.

Diipoo can enlarge images up to 16 times! Diipoo’s vision is to provide customized living for otaku!

Diipoo has been offering custom Oppai mouse pads for four years, and you can trust us with over thousands of artists sharing our services.

We can print various colors onto the mat using 2WAY fabric which is currently the best 3D material for gaming mats.

The printed mouse pad has a three-dimensional effect with layers and even glossiness that provides visual enjoyment for users.

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In addition, 3D oppai mouse pads also have advantages such as wear resistance, stain resistance and easy cleaning which makes it convenient for users to use them over long periods of time.

Otaku fans find it more comfortable when using these unique designs while adding personalization to their computers.

Preparing to clean your 3D oppai mousepad

  • Sponge or toothbrush
  • Water
  • Tissue paper

Cleaning Method

Step One: Remove Debris

Remove the desk mat from its position then wet it thoroughly with water.
Gently pat or shake off any debris from the desk mat.

Step Two: Use Sponge or Toothbrush

Observe carefully along the texture of your 3D oppai mouse pad then brush gently in one direction.
Use a toothbrush lightly across its surface removing any dirt or debris.
Be careful not to apply too much pressure so as not damage its fabric.

Step Three: Prepare Cleaning Solution

Before washing your mouse pad, prepare a cleaning solution.

It is recommended to use warm water mixed with neutral detergent such as soap or professional cleaner.

Using strong detergents can cause the mat’s surface to fade or deform.Step Four: Apply Cleaning Solution

Pour the prepared cleaning solution into a shallow dish and apply an appropriate amount of it evenly onto your sponge.

Step Five: Clean Your Mouse Pad

Place the sponge on top of your 3D oppai mouse pad then gently wipe it clean.

Be careful not to apply too much pressure so as not damage its fabric.

If there are stubborn stains on your mouse pad, you can add a small amount of detergent into the cleaning solution for better results.

Step Six: Air Dry Your Mouse Pad

After washing, dry off any excess moisture using tissue paper or cloth then let it air dry naturally.

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Do not expose it directly under sunlight nor use heat sources like hairdryers which may cause deformation and wrinkles in your 3D oppai mouse pad.

Choosing a Cleaner

As the material on the top and bottom of the mouse pad is different, with a 2WAY fabric surface and PU fabric backing.

1. Soap

Soap can be used to clean mouse pads made of cloth material.

Run the mouse pad in soapy water, use your hands or a cloth to gently scrub it, then rinse thoroughly.

2. Detergent

Gently rub by hand and rinse with clean water.

3. Laundry Powder

The method for using laundry powder is similar to that of detergent. Be careful not to apply too much force during washing.

Other Cleaning Methods:

Hold the chest area with one hand, add warm water and detergent, then use your other hand’s fingertips to gently circle around for cleaning.

During cleaning, avoid using nails to rub against the 2WAY fabric as this may damage it and affect the silicone breast pad’s stickiness.

Finally, rinse thoroughly and shake off excess water.

Prohibited Cleaning Methods:

  1. Do not vigorously use toothbrushes or sponges.
  2.  Do not wash in washing machines; always wash by hand.
  3.  Do not wring out.
  4. Do not hang up to dry.
  5. Avoid exposure under sunlight.
  6. Do not blow-dry.

By following Diipoo’s method for cleaning breast mouse pads, we can easily clean them and make them look like new again.

Of course, in order to keep our mouse pads tidy, we should also develop good habits of regularly cleaning them every once in a while.

This will help extend their lifespan while providing us with more comfortable and convenient experiences at work or home.

Customized 3D mouse pads also include the following types:

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