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How to Get Rid of Lint and Pills: Tips for a Flawless Dakimakura

If your Diipoo dakimakura pillow cover is covered in hair or other small particles, you can try the following methods to clean it:   1. Use tape: Take a piece of tape and stick it to the surface of the pillow. Then, quickly pull it off and repeat this action until all the hair and […]

How to Use a Body Pillow

How to Use a Body Pillow? 5 Sizes You Can Try

Having a rested night greatly impacts your day. Sleep is an extremely important aspect of the human body as it is during sleep the body repairs itself and gets ready for the day ahead. Getting sufficient sleep is necessary for the healthy functioning of the brain and body. Body pillows allow for a comfortable sleep […]

How To Sleep With A Body Pillow The Reason You Must Have It

How To Sleep With A Body Pillow? The Reason You Must Have It

You no longer have to feel lonely when your partner is away on a business tour. You can always hug your body pillow and enjoy a calm and relaxing sleeping experience. Body pillows are one of the best innovations of recent times. While it is true that pregnant women majorly use body pillows, it can […]

What Is A Body Pillow? Everything You Need is Here

Are you a healthy and active individual? How does your day go by? Let me guess! Getting up fresh at 7 am in the morning, drinking your cup of coffee and rushing off to work. Either you drive, get a taxi, or ride a tube to get to work. Either way, this does burn calories. […]

What is Dakimakura

The Ultimate Guide to Dakimakura

When you go to sleep along with a right mattress, you should ensure that you have a right pillow to rest your head and your body on.   An orthopaedic pillow can help to provide the comfort necessary and making it easier for you to get a good night’s sleep.   The Japanese company Dakimakura […]

What is a peach skin fabric dakimakura

15 Peach Skin Fabric Dakimakura Truths Everything You Need To Know

What is a peach skin fabric dakimakura? As the name implies, it is a dakimakura that has a texture and appearance similar to peach skin, with fine, even and thick hair.   Peach skin fabric is imitation leather fabric developed after the artificial suede product. It is a kind of thin fabric composed of superfine […]

Why The Best Dakimakura Dimensions Is 50*160cm?

Why The Best Dakimakura Dimensions Is 50*160cm?

A suitable dakimakura is good for your sleep, then how to choose the right one? The pillow core we often use is 50*160cm in size, or 60*180cm generally. Experts have found that the traditional square dakimakura of 80*80cm can’t give people good sleep, but, on the contrary, may hinder human body from relaxing, and cause […]

5 Ways How To Select The Right Dakimakura Size (1)

5 Ways To Choose The Right Dakimakura Size

Everyone is familiar with dakimakura, as we may use them in everyday life or work, as they are comfortable to hold.   How big should a dakimakura be?   There are requirements for the sizes of dakimakura, as they have different types and styles, and users have different demands.   How to choose the right […]

5 Amazing Dakimakura Benefits Become An Essential Item In Life

In the past, our understanding of a body pillow (also called as 抱き枕or dakimakura in Japanese) has only remained at its ornamental level, and the only sense of security it could bring. However, in fact, there are many functions of a body pillow. If we don’t learn them, we really don’t know that we can […]

6 Secrets to Peach Skin Dakimakura

6 Secrets to Peach Skin Dakimakura You Must Know

How many otaku are there who love anime, but can only miss their anime character waifu in another dimension at every lonely night. They can see their waifu, but can’t touch them.   Until the appearance of anime body dakimakura which enables otaku to hug their waifu to sleep in cozy bedding.   However, peripheral product is […]

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