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How to Make a 3D Mouse Pad – 9 Secrets You Didn’t Know!

As an otaku, I have always believed that otakus must have their specialized setup! You can even use a 3D mouse pad as a fitness tool. Entertainment and fitness go hand in hand! So Lei created Diipoo. All of this is just a joke. Many people are eager to know the method of making the […]

Innovative Ways of Using Oppai Mousepads (3D Mousepad): 9 Surprising Methods!

Hello everyone, today Lei will introduce the usage of an oppai mouse pad (3D mouse pad). Before this, I searched for many news articles but none of them wrote about how to use a 3D mouse pad. Do you dare to buy an “oppai mouse pad”? What is a 3D Mouse Pad? All the Answers […]

Male 3D Mouse Pad! The Most Popular Mousepad for Female Users

When you see this article, I know that you want to customize a male 3D mouse pad or purchase a 3D mouse pad. Many people say that men cannot resist girls with big breasts. Similarly, women cannot resist men with chest muscles! Since Lei created the Diipoo brand, we have been constantly increasing our products. […]

A Life Sized Oppai Mouse Pad That Can Relieve Work Stress

It’s unclear when it all started, but life size oppai mousepads have taken the world by storm. These 3D mouse pads are designed to resemble real-life female breasts and provide a soft surface for users to rest their hands on while working. Originally created as a product aimed at attracting otaku consumers, these pads quickly […]

Revolutionary Product: The Butt Mousepad is the Best Friend of Office Workers

The Butt Mousepad, also known as the Ass Mouse Pad (Booty mouse pad), is a revolutionary 3D mouse pad product that has become the best friend of office workers. What is a 3D Mouse Pad? All the Answers are Here! As an avid anime fan, I believe that everyone will love the Butt Mousepad, especially […]

How to Clean (Wash) Oppai Mouse Pad: Tips and Tricks

With the increasing popularity of computer use, 3D oppai mouse pads have become an indispensable accessory for work. However, since we often come into contact with 3D oppai mouse pads, they can easily accumulate dust, stains and other debris that affect their appearance and effectiveness. Therefore, regular cleaning of 3D oppai mouse pads is particularly […]

Diipoo Types of 3D mouse pads

What is a 3D Mouse Pad? All the Answers are Here!

What is a 3D Mouse Pad? The 3D mouse pad, also known as the Oppai mouse pad, features a printed half-body image on a 3D stereoscopic mouse pad. Manufacturers often print anime-themed designs on these pads, which are sold online as derivatives of movies, TV shows, and games. The designs are often revealing, making them [...]
Burst tits 3D Oppai Mouse Pad(Boob Mouse Pad)

Make 3D Mouse Pad With Your Talent Idea

Hi everyone, I’m the staff of Diipoo and my name is Lei. Recently I received some emails asking how to make a 3D mouse pad, so I sorted out some ideas and made some templates, which can help the artist better create the Oppai mouse pad. At the same time, you can also buy boob […]


4 Oppai Mousepad Templates You Need In Your Otaku Life

Yes, loves oppai so much that we created this oppai mousepad product! In order to let everyone experience a unique service, we have found 4 oppai mousepad templates. We provide four templates in different styles for everyone, I hope you can use the custom 3d mouse pad service, now Diipoo custom service has been […]

Why We Should Buy 3D Mouse Pad Diipoo is Better than Others

Why We Should Buy 3D Mouse Pad? Diipoo is Better than Others

When an ordinary mouse pad is used, our wrists are habitually placed on a rigid desk edge. In fact, such habit can cause serious damages to our wrists after a long time. In a 3D mouse pad, the part for the wrist is designed as a pillow to fit wrist shapes perfectly. Besides pillows, the […]

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