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Warning! What You Should Know About Your Dakimakura (4)

Warning! What You Should Know About Your Dakimakura

Yes I know! You want to buy anime dakimakura body pillow, but 9 things you should know about custom your dakimakura(custom anime body pillow). Let’s see this!
Dakimakura is a common item in home life, similar to pillows, the common one is only half the size of a general pillow. Held in arms, it can play a role in keeping warm and certain protection.
It gives a warm feeling and is currently becoming a common ornament for home use and decoration as well as a must-have item as car accessories.
Nowadays, many anime enthusiasts also like custom anime body pillows more and more, which promotes the development and progress of the industry.
Warning! What You Should Know About Your Dakimakura (4)
Warning! What You Should Know About Your Dakimakura (4)

What is a Dakimakura Made of?

The pillow core of a dakimakura consists of the cover of the pillow core and the filler inside.
A dakimakura (抱き枕) is used to hold while sleeping.
A dakimakura is mainly composed of a pillow core and a pillowcase, which can be understood as the ones of the pillow we usually used for sleeping.
In Japanese culture, a dakimakura is different from ordinary pillows, and it is often used as a consolation object for Japanese youth.

The history of a Dakimakura

In the early days of modern dakimakura, it is mostly used for babies or children.
In the 1990s, the dakimakura began to intertwine with home culture for development. Many dakimakura with anime or video game characters are produced in batches.
The early dakimakura were often produced as anime peripheral products.
Later on, professional manufacturers began to appear, specializing in the production of dakimakura and customized anime adkimakuras.
The history of a dakimakura
The history of a dakimakura

What Material is the Pillowcase Made of?

The cover the pillow core is essentially a bag, just a bag specially used for filling fillers. The material of the pillow core cover includes cotton cloth, 2WT, etc.
Cotton is relatively coarse and has a large friction. It is relatively difficult to be filled in because of the resistance, but it feels relatively hard when being hugged.
2wt is very soft, the friction is small, and it is more convenient to be filled in, but the 2wt pillowcase is likely to slip (which can be understood as an ice cube that slides on the table when there is water on the table), and it is soft when being hugged.
Of course, the difficulty of filling a pillowcase is correlated to your proficiency, the correct posture of filling the pillowcase, and the fullness of the pillow core.

What Materials Are the Pillow Cores Made of?

The pillow cores can be divided into PP cotton (polypropylene cotton, also known as doll cotton), seven-hole cotton, down cotton and so on.
PP cotton:
i.e. doll cotton, is the cotton filling inside the dolls of the doll machines. It is a relatively common filler, and the price is relatively low, moreover, it may result in irreversible faults after long-term hugs, especially after being clipped with legs.