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Diipoo Creat a product

Log in to the Artist Dashboard

What do you need to do?

  • Prepare your art picture
  • Visit the price page to understand the price and quantity of wholesale products
  • Prepare product copy

Enter the Artist Control Panel and click to Products


Add a new product

How to create a product?

  1. Product type: Choose Variable Product (Suitable for body pillow, mouse pad and wall scroll)
  2. Product title: Fill in the title such as League of Legends Pillow, League of Legends Body Pillow, League of Legends Dakimakura (Capitalize the first letter of English)
  3. Short description: Fill in the product name, product materials and unique advantages, it’s up to you.
  4. Product description: It’s up to you
  5. Product Image: Choose your product image
  6. Categories: Choose a product category, such as Dakimakura, Oppai Mousepad, Anime Posters
  7. Tags: It’s up to you


How to setting up SKU?

SKU: Fill in your product name or number

Manage Stock: Set to open

Stock Qty: Set to 100 or More

How to setting up Attributes?

Select the attributes of the product, the user can choose.

Fabric: A variety of options, please refer to Artist Store Price
Pillow: a variety of options, please refer to Artist Store Price
Size: Various options, please refer to Artist Store Price

*Select Active, Visible on the product page, Use a Variation

How to setting up Variations?

For convenience, we can set prices in batches, and then add different prices according to the price list

Variations Bulk Options

We strongly recommend that you fill in the price list one by one, so that you will be more careful if you

Finally you can choose Submit, or choose View, Draft


View your own product

Click the View icon and you will view your product on a new page
Check all product attributes to see if they are correct.

Too hard? Want to quickly create product?

Create a product in just one step. Enter any product interface

Then select Add to My Store, and then you can modify the Title, Short description, Category, Tags, Price, etc. inside.

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Please send these to us.

  • Product name 
  • Picture (PNG files or PSD files is BEST)

We will help you put the product on the Artist Store.


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