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4 Simple Steps Custom Your 3D Mouse Pad

With the popularity of computers, 3D mouse pads have become a necessity for everyone. It is especially popular among those animation enthusiasts and game enthusiasts.


As a daily necessities used by office workers and computer enthusiasts, 3D mouse pads are sometimes ignored. Some friends may casually take an advertising gift mouse pad to start a trip to the Internet.

However, if you treat a cheap, small product this way, not only its quality cannot be guaranteed, but also not comfortable to use it, more importantly, you make it no personality at all.


If you think it too expensive to buy a personalized and eye-catching mouse pad via Amazon, then you might as well follow Diipoo to learn some tricks on how to custom mouse pad!


First, open the official website of Diipoo, then select Mouse Pad, and click on the customized category you’d like to order—there are currently three categories to choose.


For example, how to select a custom 3D mouse pad?

Choose your favorite picture—you can upload the picture of 2600*3000px, which is the best size.

Then drag the picture and move it to the right position; since it is a 3D mouse pad, you’d better to choose those anime game characters with breasts or buttocks.


Finally, select your customized quantity, submit the order—we accept Paypal payment.


If your order is a mass customized 3D mouse pads, we also accept remittance of Western Union, Payoneer.


The advantage of using a mouse pad is that it helps to protect the desktop used for the mouse and will not damage the desktop during the use of the mouse.

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It can reduce the accumulation of fragments at the bottom of the mouse to some extent, so as to reduce the phenomenon of frame skipping on the display during the use of the mouse, effectively enhance the accurate positioning of the mouse during use, and reduce the impact of various external factors on the mouse.


The disadvantage of not using a mouse pad is that it does not ensure the accuracy of the mouse positioning and the wear and tear on the feet at the bottom of the mouse.


Diipoo 3D mouse pads are of Lycra fabric material, whose 3D effect is especially good; with a wrister design, it ensures your satisfying experience during use!


You can try several times while customizing your 3D mouse pads, so as to get the best effect.

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