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How To Sleep With A Body Pillow The Reason You Must Have It

How To Sleep With A Body Pillow? The Reason You Must Have It

You no longer have to feel lonely when your partner is away on a business tour. You can always hug your body pillow and enjoy a calm and relaxing sleeping experience.

Body pillows are one of the best innovations of recent times. While it is true that pregnant women majorly use body pillows, it can also be used by anyone else. These body pillows are oversized and very huggable and provide full support to a person. Body pillows are available in many different shapes and sizes, each serving a different purpose.

They have shown to improve sleep and also provide the required physical support that a person needs while sleeping. You sleeping position can have a positive or negative effect on your physical health. Many people wake up with a pulled muscle or back pain. This is because they did not sleep in the way that they should have.

You sleeping posture is important. Body pillows help you improve your sleeping posture by ensuring that your spine stays aligned with the rest of your body.

Body Pillows: Who Needs It?

Body pillows are mostly used to provide comfort and a good sleeping position, but nowadays, we see people using it to add a sense of style in their bedrooms.

While these pillows can be used by anyone and everyone, they are majorly used by women who are pregnant, people who have back pains and issues, and those who prefer sleeping on their sides.

These pillows help with the pressure points and provide a good and comfortable sleeping position to the sleepers. In addition to pregnant women, people who have pulled their muscles while sleeping or people suffering from backaches can also take advance of the unique design of body pillows.

In addition to the physical benefits, body pillows also ensure that you maintain a good mental health by letting you sleep in a more calm and relaxing way.

Even if you are not suffering from any type of back pain you can still sleep with a body pillow as it can help you sleep better. Better sleep translates to enhanced energy, increased productivity and stronger immunity.

So by using a body pillow, you can enjoy a lot of physical and mental benefits by just sleeping in the right way.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have more weight on their lower belly which makes it very hard for them to find a comfortable position. That is why doctors suggest them to sleep on their sides. By using a body pillow and by keeping it between the legs, it can help them sleep and rest comfortably.

It can also result in an improved pregnancy experience. Using a body pillow can keep your body in a stable position even when you are sleeping so you don’t have to worry about the position of your belly when you are asleep.

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Those Who Have Back Pain

Out of all kinds of pain, we have seen that people suffering from back pain have to go through a lot. They can’t sit right or easily perform other day to day important tasks. It can be caused by wrong sleeping positions, bad sitting posture, heavy weight lifting, etc.

By sleeping with a body pillow and placing it between your legs, you can easily find a comfortable position, one which will also be beneficial for your back. What a body pillow does is that it aligns your spine with your lower body which prevents you from sleeping in an unadvised position or posture.

Those Who Sleep On Their Sides

Being a side sleeper myself, it used to be an everyday thing for me to wake up with excruciating pain on one side of my body. My muscles felt weak and I regularly felt pain in my neck. This is because when you sleep on your side the entire night, the pressure builds on that specific part of your body.

By having a body pillow, you can easily sleep by putting the weight of your hands and arms on it and as the body pillow has a unique shape, your neck is never off the pillow. This helps in keeping your neck in the right position thus preventing you from pulling a muscle or getting any type of neck pain.

What Are The Types Of Body Pillows?

Body pillows can be found in a range of different shapes and sizes. Each shape serves a different purpose and helps in improving your sleep. So you can choose a type based on your preferences.

Following are some different types of sleeping pillows:

Majorly there are 4 different types of body pillows, I shaped pillow, U shaped pillow, C shaped pillow, and a J shaped pillow.

J Shaped Pillow:

As its name sounds, a J shaped pillow is shaped like the alphabet ‘J’. This type of pillow is also known as a C shaped pillow because of its curved shape.

This type of pillow is basically used when your butts, knees as well as your neck needs support. Out of the two extremes, I and U, J shaped pillows lie somewhere in the middle.

It allows you to wrap your arms around it will giving you space to rest your head on the top of it too. It allows your back to stay aligned and straight. These types of pillows are not too huge, so any bed, irrespective of its size, will go for a J shaped pillow.

U Shaped Pillow:

This is one of the most common types of body pillows.

The best thing about U Shaped body pillow is that it can surround your body from three sides thus letting you experience a protective feeling. You can hug it on one side while the other side gives you support from the back.

A U-shaped pillow is a pillow that allows you to wrap its both sides around you. It provides you with space to put your hand on the top of it. One of the greatest advantages of sleeping with a U-shaped pillow is that you can sleep straight with it and on either of your sides, left and right, both.

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How to sleep with it?

Because it has two hands as it is a U-shaped body pillow, one arm is supposed to stay on your front while the other one is supposed to stay on your back.

This pillow is not only beneficial to maintain your sleeping posture, but you can also use this pillow when you are reading or watching television. This pillow itself is very huge, so you need to have a big bed probably a queen or a king-sized bed.

I Shaped Pillow:

I shaped pillows are long and very huggable just like the letter itself. These pillows are very comfortable, especially for those who have smaller beds.

These pillows majorly provide support to your knees. These pillows are much cheaper as compared to others. If you are looking for a pillow that can provide support to your knees as well as your head, then this is it for you.

Which One Is The Best?

Each pillow targets a different body part. While there is no correct answer to this question, it varies from person to person and the way it is to be used. However, according to us, a Custom Body Pillow works the best. Custom body pillows are specifically designed for each individual’s specific needs. Whether you are looking for a custom pillow for your back pain or you want to enjoy a calm and relaxing sleep, you can get a custom pillow specifically designed for your personalised needs. Let’s take a special look at custom body pillows.

Custom Body Pillows

Custom Body Pillow
Custom Body Pillow

Having a restless night’s sleep is no fun. After a tiring day, sleep is that one thing we all look forward to, but if that is disturbed too, our entire day feels lazy and we get annoyed over anything and everything due to the lack of sleep.

Custom pillows are one the best body pillows, as such pillows are made specifically for your problems and needs. It is designed according to your body size.

A custom-made body pillow is designed especially for you while keeping your body curves, spine size, and body length in mind. The regular pillows, made for everyone, might not suit everyone. Usually, for people who have different body sizes, these pillows are not comfortable for them. That is why custom body pillows work the best.

If you are looking for some amazing custom body pillows, check out Your experience with getting yourself a custom body pillow from will surely be great as they not only provide good quality pillows but also at very reasonable prices.

When it comes to pillows, quality cannot be compromised. They provide not only quality but also comfort, to help you sleep peacefully at night. Custom pillows provide the comfort that your body desires.

These are specially made for you and with your measurements, so there is nothing that can go wrong with these.


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