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What Do Weighted Blankets Do Everyone Should Buy It

What Do Weighted Blankets Do? Everyone Should Buy It

I think it is safe to say we are all familiar with the term blankets. If for some reason you’re not, check out to get information on the best custom made blanket you could ever imagine. Moving on to those familiar with the word Blankets and how to use, store, or wash them, I would go one step further in explaining the types of blankets with particular emphasis on weighted blankets.

custom blankets
custom blankets

On search engines today, a lot of people inquire about the benefits of weighted blankets. Questions like, What do weighted blankets do? How to get the best-weighted blankets? Where to get the best-weighted blankets? etc, are all asked. I would answer all questions about that but for a quick insight on what weighted blankets do, ”weighted blankets are a widely recognized form of therapeutic blankets that provide pressure on the body as a result of its added weight and are used for relieving stress and feeling calm”.

What are weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets are throw blankets usually weighing between 5-30 pounds that are filled with weighted materials designed to provide pressure on the body. The reason for needing the added pressure that weighted blankets offer varies depending on the individual but mostly it results in a calming effect.

For the added weight and increased heaviness, most weighted blankets are filled with glass beads or plastic pellets, discs, etc and wrapped in softer material like cotton to lessen the impact of the blankets. This is what makes the blankets heavy.

It can be used for various reasons and it has a lot of benefits which would be discussed shortly. You can choose to get your therapeutic custom made weighted blankets from me at affordable prices and excellent quality or……..well choose to get from me.

What do weighted blankets do?

The notion behind weighted blankets is DTP (Deep Touch Pressure) or DPS (Deep Pressure Stimulation). It is a principle associated with sensory therapeutic procedures for certain people to help reduce or alleviate tension that comes with stress. For individuals with sensory issues like ADHD, Autism, Insomnia, Anxiety disorder, etc, weighted blankets are used as an alternative natural therapy method for managing such issues. The theory behind this is that these therapeutic blankets apply pressure through a physical connection that helps a person feel calm and relieves stress. This physical connection creates an abundance of dopamine and serotonin which has a calming and relaxing effect that is very similar to the feeling of being hugged physically. It is recommended for individuals with sensory integration problems because they are hypersensitive to touch or feeling. Therefore when using the blankets, it creates a very calming effect for you.

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What are the benefits of weighted blankets?

Although in recent times, it is popularly used for its nonmedical reasons, it was originally used and recommended by Occupational Therapist when treating their patients. Nevertheless, it has a lot of benefits both for medical or nonmedical uses. Some of such benefits include:

  • reducing anxiety,
  • battling insomnia,
  • higher melatonin production,
  • manages OCD,
  • addresses PTSD and Panic attacks,
  • helps with restless leg syndrome,
  • combats depression and anxiety,
  • improve sleep quality,
  • helps with Autism and Tourette symptoms.


A lot of individuals with ADHD face difficulties and challenges as regards sensory issues. These challenges could include problems managing your emotions, dealing with stress, sleeping at night, coping with change in your feelings (anger, happiness,) winding down after outbursts, etc. As a result, their OT recommends a weighted blanket as part of a therapeutic treatment. The added pressure of the weighted blankets on the body increases the happy hormone in the brain and connects it to the body making your attention grounded. The physical stimulation that the weighted blanket gives helps you feel calm and relaxes you while simultaneously stimulating your sensory organs. For little children with ADHD, you can get little sized custom made weighted blankets so that the weight of the blanket doesn’t smother or hinder your kids from their daily activities.


Individuals or children that have been diagnosed with Autism have difficulty interacting socially and falling asleep. Medically, researchers have stated positive growth in the sleeping pattern of such individuals when using the therapeutic weighted blankets. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can cause increased anxiety and stress for individuals. As such, weighted blankets with their added pressure provides a warm and relaxing feeling that helps calm you down and alleviates your anxiety. This way, the sensory nerves are stimulated and are calm enough for you or your kids to engage in social activities and fall asleep when necessary.

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Sleep Disorders

Statistically, a large number of people find it hard to fall asleep. This could be due to stress, anxiety, or even depression. Whatever the reason might be, one of the benefits of weighted blankets is that it helps lull such people to sleep. The weight of the blanket and the added pressure has a calming and soothing effect that lowers the heart rate and naturally induces sleep.

Stress and Anxiety

Everyone experiences one of these two from time to time. While one can lead to the other, it is not a medical condition unless it’s termed chronic. It is a natural feeling that occurs when you feel uncertain or worried about future or present happenings. Your heart rate and breathing might increase as a side effect of the nervousness. Your body gets stressed and you feel anxious while simultaneously preparing for either a flight or fight response. If it occurs regularly then it is a disorder (chronic stress and anxiety disorder ). This agitated state can oftentimes be calmed by the pressure and calming feeling of the weighted blankets. The added pressure and weight of the blanket calm your heart rate down into a reduced state of rest.

Important tips to note

The benefits of using weighted blankets are numerous. Its sensory stimulation technique is widely utilized for sensory integration and disorders. Some important tips to note concerning weighted blankets include;
• It is not safe or recommended for little kids and infants.
• it is not safe for you if you have been diagnosed with sleeping or breathing problems.
• the weight of the blanket must not exceed 10% of your body weight.
• the material of the weighted blankets should be comfortable and convenient to wash.
• the price of your weighted blanket should be within budget range or you could splurge on custom made blankets
In conclusion, the best weighted blankets are therapeutic for your brain, body, disorders, or ailments.

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