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How to Wash a Pillow Pet 4 Must-see Methods and Precautions

How to Wash a Pillow Pet? 4 Must-see Methods and Precautions

How can pet lovers miss this tutorial on washing pet pillows?

When you make photos of your pets into pet pillows and keep them with you or your children, then Diipoo needs to be responsible for every detail.

Washing pet pillows can make them cleaner and more hygienic, free from bacteria, and make life better. Let’s start now!

Why should the pet pillows be cleaned?

Washing your customized pet pillow regularly can remove bacteria and sweat stains from its fur, because people will secrete sweat stains, making the whole pet pillow dirty. After we clean the pet pillow, it will take on a new look.

Most of the pet pillows can be put into the washing machine, so this is a very simple way to clean.

How to wash pet pillows with a washing machine?

1. Take out your pet pillow and slap it hard in the toilet to remove the hair or impurities on the pet pillow, so that washing becomes easier.

2. Put your pillow pet into the washing machine, put mild detergent, and select the appropriate option on the washing machine to ensure that the pillow pet is washed safely.

3. Set the water temperature to cold. Hot water will damage your pet pillow, while cold water will retain its color and texture. Using cold water can also prevent color fading. Most of the washing options use cold water by default, so don’t worry about it.

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How to wash pet pillows by hand

Washing pet pillows by hand is safer because machine washing may damage some pet pillows. Compared with using the machine, you can also easily wash specific areas by hand.

1. Clean the pet pillow by hand. Most of the pillow pets can be washed in the washing machine or by hand according to your preference.
We can also disassemble the pillow core and pillow case and wash them separately.

Turn on the faucet to wet the whole pet pillow, then wash it with mild detergent and knead it repeatedly. Be careful not to do it too hard to avoid damaging the pillow case.

2. Put water and washing powder in the bucket or sink. Soak it for 10 minutes so that we can make cleaning easier.

3. If some pet pillows are only dirty at some areas, you can also use a wet towel to clean them, press the wet cloth on the pet pillow and wipe it in a circular motion. Continue to wipe it until the pet pillow’s fur gets so wet that we can see the surface stain is gone.

4. After hand washing, we need to squeeze the water. The excess washing liquid must be squeezed out. Lay the pillow flat to dry it, and it will be softer and fluffy by doing that.

It is not conducive to drying if the pet pillow core has a lot of moisture. It may be moldy and smelly in rainy weather .Generally, drying it for 3 hours can effectively kill virus and remove the smell.

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Machine drying of the pet pillows

All of the pet pillows should be dried in a warm and sunny place to avoid damage and prolong their service life. Excess heat from the dryer can damage the product and may damage the fine plush of the pet pillows.

Diipoo’s customized pet pillow can use a dryer because there is no fine plush on it. Washing the pet pillow with a dryer can avoid cross infection of mites and bacteria.

How to clean pet pillows with a vacuum cleaner

For battery powered pet pillow products, we can only clean the surface with a wet cloth.

1. First use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt.

2. Mix water with mild washing powder. Wet the dry towel and gently wash the pet pillow.

How to dry pet pillows by air naturally

If you don’t want to wash it, you can choose to dry the pet pillow by air naturally.

It’s best to dry it outdoors. The best time to dry pet pillows is in the period with the strongest UV effect, that is, from 10 AM to 4 PM, especially from 12 at noon to 3 PM. At this time, the content of B beam and C beam in UV is the highest, which can quickly kill the pathogens of a variety of infectious diseases.

Generally, drying for 3 hours can effectively kill virus and remove the smell.


Diipoo recommends changing the pet pillow at least once every year. For people with respiratory diseases and allergies, it is best to change it once every six months.

Diipoo can customize pet pillows, customize cat pillows, customize dog pillows and human face pillow, which will be your own unique pillow.

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