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Best Anime Body Pillow 2019 2Way Fabric Is Best For You

Best Anime Body Pillow 2020: 2 Way Tricot Is Best For You?

Diipoo anime pillow case and pillow core are both of high-quality fabric, giving you a close and intimate health guarantee.

Let’s see what is best anime body pillow 2020

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What is 2Way Tricot anime body pillow?

The 2 way tricot is of imported Japanese fabric, and the ink for screen production is imported from Japan.

Environment-friendly and beautifully colored, with high color fastness, lasting bright color without fading.

The eco-friendly ink has no harm on human body, more healthy and more secure to use.

What are the advantages?

The HD original large picture production ensures the clear design of the finished pillowcase, with exquisite curves, fully showing the charm of Japanese anime body pillows.

Exquisite workmanship—every sewing pays attention to do not hurt your delicate skin.

High-quality fabric, high-quality equipment, high-quality ink and excellent artworks, ensures the best animation pillows and animation bed products.

2 way tricot, also known as 2WT fabric.

It is the best fabric for animation pillows, comfortable, elastic, good wrinkle resistance, clear and delicate printed pattern, beautiful color, and excellent sense of quality.

Skin-friendly and highly comfortable, good thermal conductivity of the fabric, the skin initial contact has kind of cool feeling, but immediately is consistent with the skin temperature.

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It has incomparable advantages over other fabrics.

What is about 2WAY Tricot anime body pillow?

2 way tricot anime body pillows:

The pattern exquisite degree: 5 stars;

Comfort degree to skin: 5 stars;

Anti- wrinkle degree: 5 stars.

The double sewing technique and the fine edge-locking technique, make your pillows more durable!

Invisible zipper, makes your pillow more artistic, more graceful!

Imported environment-friendly printing ink, with beautiful colors, odorless and no irritation, makes your pillow more attractive and healthier!

The pillow cases can be customized for production by drawing, provided that there is a picture of 1500*4500 pixels and above.

Only high quality electronic picture can ensure the high quality pillows.

So please provide high-precision pictures and use high-quality SLR camera photos as far as possible.

For further tetails please contact our Customer Service: for details. Diipoo also offer custom anime body pillow or cover.



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