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Best Custom Love Pillow For Christmas Gifts

Many people like custom love pillow, and feel that it can express their affections; especially those young sweethearts would more like to send some tokens of love.

As winter is coming, a body pillow is a very practical gift.

Before giving it to your be-loved, wouldn’t you like to add a love pattern?—or, how about a flower-embroidered love pattern?

That looks surely nice, and the craftwork is not so hard. Interested in it?

Let’s take a look at the specific handcrafted tutorials.

If you find it troublesome, you can also use Diipoo‘s online service for custom body pillows—where you can find a variety of sizes to choose.

Why we should custom love pillow?

Custom love pillow, simple but magnificent in appearance, the fiery red patchwork and snow-white embroidery patterns release a romantic and enjoyable atmosphere.

Preparing some heart-shaped DIY body pillows, and they can be the best Christmas gifts.

For the detailed DIY procedures, please refer to the following graphic tutorial.

The materials of heart-shaped body pillows:

Patches of red and pink cloth (used for patchwork);

Red velvet (used as the back cloth of body pillows);

Red cotton cloth (used as the background of patchwork);

Cotton fillers;

Paper patterns for embroidering;

Needles, thread, scissors, iron, tailor’s pen

Don’t worry, you can also buy custom Dakimakura.

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How to custom made love pillow?

1) Prepare the necessary materials for DIY a body pillow;

2) Draw a heart outline with the tailor’s pen on the background cloth, and cut it out;

3) Patch a slightly larger heart on the heart-shaped background cloth with red patches;

4) Put the paper pattern on the patchwork for embroidering;

5) Embroider the pattern with white embroidery thread;

6) Put the patchwork on the back of the body pillow, front to front, fix it with a bead needle and sew up along the heart-shaped edge, leaving a reverse opening;

7) Cut off the excess cloth edges around the heart-shaped body pillow and cut out a zigzag shape;

8) Turn inside the pillow out from the reverse opening;

9) Fill in the cotton fillers and sew up the reverse opening. Now, a heart-shaped body pillow is completed.


For more custom body pillow service, please use Diipoo’s online service.


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