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Why The Best Dakimakura Dimensions Is 50*160cm?

Why The Best Dakimakura Dimensions Is 50*160cm?

A suitable dakimakura is good for your sleep, then how to choose the right one? The pillow core we often use is 50*160cm in size, or 60*180cm generally.

Experts have found that the traditional square dakimakura of 80*80cm can’t give people good sleep, but, on the contrary, may hinder human body from relaxing, and cause muscle tension in the shoulders and neck.

Doctors of medicine have pointed out that 50*160cm is an appropriate size for a dakimakura, as it can provide good support for hands and legs, and keep the spine in the natural shape. But it depends on different people’s actual situations, and the size of dakimakura is 50*160cm generally, which fits well.

Do you know what size to choose for a sleeping dakimakura?

Why The Best Dakimakura Dimensions Is 50*160cm?
Why The Best Dakimakura Dimensions Is 50*160cm?


The cases of dakimakura in different shapes have different sizes, and the size of the case is usually determined by that of the pillow core.

There are four sizes available at Diipoo: 40*120, 50*150, 50*160, 60*180.

1. The size of single dakimakura cases is 500*1600mm;

2. The size of double dakimakura cases for couples is 470*1200mm,470*1500mm;

3. The common sizes of children dakimakura cases are 300*460mm, 300*500mm, 380*580mm, 250*400mm, etc.

You should measure the size of the pillow core before buying the case, the standard pillow core size is 50*160cm, and if you buy the case according to the height of the pillow core, you won’t get it wrong.

There are reasons that dakimakura are made into such sizes, it is said that this ratio of length to width is the golden ratio, which looks the most beautiful.

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Azur Lane Dakimakura
Azur Lane Dakimakura


Dakimakura made of different materials give people different feelings, and different people have different preferences about materials. It’s generally thought that dakimakura made of 2WAY is soft and comfortable relatively.

Diipoo currently have pillowcases made of 2WAY, peach skin velvet and comfort velvet. Custom dakimakura use online design tools.

The standard size of a pillowcase is 160x50cm, which is widely used in the dakimakura circle. Pictures for dakimakura are usually made according to this size, and we don’t recommend other sizes unless you are too tall.

2WAY material

If you have a sufficient budget, we recommend 2WAY.

Let’s focus on 2WT. In fact, 2WT can be divided into many types. Each manufacturer’s 2WT also has different characteristics. 2WT of different companies even has different feelings. But they are all called 2WT for convenience.

2WT feels smooth and elastic. The printing color and precision are also the best. Its durability is also better than peach skin velvet.

If there are scratches or pilling on 2WAY caused by any sharp objects, it is difficult to deal with. So please be especially careful when using.

When summer comes, 2WAY is the best material for dakimakura, as the material has strong moisture absorption and air permeability, and can be called air cooler dakimakura in summer.


There is also a higher-end 2WAY upgraded dakimakura, which is the best material, silky and cool.

Dakimakura made of 2WAY feels very comfortable in summer, especially in wet and hot areas.

It won’t feel hot and wet like other dakimakura of ordinary cotton or chemical fiber.

Peach skin velvet material

Peach skin velvet is the cheapest material, and feels like swimsuits.

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It feels rough and inelastic, the printing accuracy is poor, but its durability is incomparable with other types of dakimakura.


If you just want to try a dakimakura, you can buy this one first. It’s cheap, just about 40 dollars and less.

Comfort velvet material

It’s soft, compression-resistant, convenient to wash, decorative, safe, and applicable to a broad crowd.

Is the Order a Rabbit Dakimakura
Is the Order a Rabbit Dakimakura

Pillow core

Pillow core is a part of the bedding, and the main component of a pillow. There are buckwheat pillow, kapok pillow, chemical fiber pillow, latex pillow, down pillow, etc. A pillow core should be washed and dried frequently.

Many factories produce dakimakura cores, with cotton filled in them. There are two types of dakimakura cores available at Diipoo, pp cotton and thickened down silk wadding, the latter is better, as it is soft and air permeable.

Pillow cores need fillings to keep a certain height when using. There are a variety of fillings in the pillow core market.

PP cotton

Commonly known as doll cotton, hollow cotton, also known as filling cotton, soft and comfortable, the price has been relatively cheap, easy to clean and dry. It feels fluffy and soft, and is the most popular filling material in the market as dakimakura cores.

Down cotton

It fills the gap of down substitutes in the market. The product is light and thin, delicate, soft, well insulated, not easy to deform, and the silk won’t penetrate. It can be widely used in down coats, ski shirts, cold suits and other warm products.

When choosing the size of dakimakura, you should take your own demands into full consideration. All sizes of pillowcases and pillow cores are available at Diipoo, please contact us via Facebook or Instagram once you have any needs.

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