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A Life Sized Oppai Mouse Pad That Can Relieve Work Stress

It’s unclear when it all started, but life size oppai mousepads have taken the world by storm.

These 3D mouse pads are designed to resemble real-life female breasts and provide a soft surface for users to rest their hands on while working.

Originally created as a product aimed at attracting otaku consumers, these pads quickly became an unexpected hit and were hailed as another “world-changing” invention.

Various silicone mousepads featuring characters with large breasts soon emerged and gained immense popularity.

Diipoo also released six different sizes of 3D mousepads, including customizable life size oppai mousepads.

What is a life size oppai mouse pad?

Made from soft silicone material that offers comfortable hand support and smooth cursor movement, these unique mousepads are often seen more as novelty items than practical office supplies.

Many people like to display them in their homes or offices for decoration purposes or just for fun.

However, it is important to note that despite its distinctive appearance, this type of mousepad does not differ significantly in functionality from regular ones.

It still requires proper cleaning and maintenance like any other standard 3D mousepad.

Materials Used in the Production of Life-Sized Breast Mouse Pad

  • Front
  • Interior
  • Back


The front of the life-sized breast mouse pad is made of 2WAY fabric to facilitate mouse movement on its surface.

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2WAY fabric is currently the best material for making “3D mouse pads.”


The life-sized breast mouse pad contains a large amount of silicone gel inside.


The back is made of PU cloth, which is non-slip and fixes it to the desktop. PU cloth is mainly used to fix the bottom of the mouse pad to prevent it from sliding or shifting during use.

This design provides better stability and accuracy, making your mouse smoother and more accurate when in use.

Features of Life-Sized Breast Mouse Pad:

  • Same size as a real person’s boobs.
  • Soft.
  • Comfortable.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Unique.

The life sized oppai mouse pad is wrapped in silicone gel and uses high-quality 2WAY fabric for maximum comfort.

Diipoo’s life-sized 3D mouse pad maximizes the potential of each material used.

Total weight of life-sized breast mouse pad: about 2000g (breast weight: 1500g).

Customized Oppai Mouse Pad

Even a mouse pad can be customized. Diipoo offers “custom 3D mouse pads,” “butt mouse pads,” and produces both “3D mousepad keychains“.

Diipoo’s vision is to provide custom life for otaku!


Many experienced male otakus have their own “professional” computer configurations.

In order to ensure that our bodies can use computers for long periods of time without injury, a life-size breast mouse pad is essential!

The ordinary mouse pads on the market are too common. How could we easily satisfy those with high requirements and strict standards for computer accessories?

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Diipoo has launched a highly restored life-size breast mouse pad, which can be called the king of the world of mouse pads!

Game enthusiasts, they will focus on the sliding resistance as well as wrist feeling to make the operation more floating.

And the chest mouse pad is ‘to prevent the mouse hand protection mouse pad’ upgraded version, improve the protection function at the same time, with sexy appearance to win more consumers’ love.

At Diipoo, we offer worldwide shipping services for customized life-sized breast mousepads with delivery times as fast as 7 days in North America, Europe, Asia etc.

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