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How To Choose Dakimakura Material

How To Choose Dakimakura Material?#1 Is Best Dakimakura Material!

What kind of materials can be used for dakimakura cores?


With the progress of technology and the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for quality of life, various kinds of materials emerge for dakimakura cores. Core products made of high-tech composite materials have excellent performance in elastic recovery, warmth, fluffiness, comfort, washability and durability, etc.


But there are also many people who would prefer the dakimakura cores with natural filler.


Here is a detailed introduction to the materials of the dakimakura cores. Let’s take a look together. I hope it will help you in the selection of the materials for the dakimakura cores.

How To Choose Dakimakura Material
How To Choose Dakimakura Material

Selection method


Anime dakimakura need fillers so that they can maintain certain height during usage.


The kinds of filler materials in the core market are various, including PP cotton, pearl cotton, 3D cotton and natural cotton. They are all widely used filler materials in the market.


Natural filler materials are more environmentally-friendly and green.


Then what is the best material for anime damikamura cores?


First, let’s have a look at selection method of dakimakura cores.


1. Check the material and height;


2. Check whether the dakimakura core material is moderately soft, and whether the elasticity is proper


3. Check the durability and washability.


Comparison between anime dakimakura cores


1. PP cotton


This kind of filler materials is the most common in the market, and the custom dakimakura by Diipoo also use PP cotton.

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This kind of dakimakura cores is not shaped, some feel slippery. When choosing, check the whiteness of the cotton, the whiter, the better. You can also tear it with your hand, and the easier to tear, the better (indicating the better fluffiness).


PP cotton dakimakura material
PP cotton dakimakura material

When you are making dakimakura cores yourself, you should tear the cotton up and then plug it in when filling. Don’t use smelly ones.


But this kind of cotton will become hard to beat loose and easy to agglomerate after a long time use. When this happens, you need to pay more attention to the maintenance of the dakimakura.


PP cotton is the best dakimakura material at present.


2. Pearl cotton


This is also a kind of filling material that can be seen in the market, which is in the shape of pearl particles. Because it is a small separated particle, it is not easy to agglomerate and has better elasticity.


The quality can be determined from the color and fluffiness, and as the above identification method, the particles should be as well-distributed as possible. This kind of cotton is more cost-effective.


It can be used longer than PP cotton, and when it’s flattened, clapping will restore it into the original shape.


3. 2.5D cotton or 3D cotton


The appearance of this kind of cotton resemblances PP cotton, but the hand feel is very soft and hard to agglomerate, while it is not as elastic. To make a dakimakura of the same size, the consumption of this material is 50% more than those of the previous two kinds of cotton.

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The price is also higher, and not likely to be bought in the market. We will add PP cotton in a certain proportion to improve its fluffiness and weight if some customers insist on using this material.


4. Natural cotton


Natural cotton is a kind of natural filler material for dakimakura. Kapok is the natural wild cellulose in the fruit of the woody plant bombax, which can dispel wind-damp and humidity, activate blood and relieve pain


But it’s too soft for anime dakimakura cores.


When you custom 3D dakimakura or custom anime body pillow in our dakimakura shop, we provide PP cotton dakimakura material, so you can buy at ease. If you have any questions, please contact us via email:

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