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What is a Wall Scroll? The Ultimate Guide

What Is a Wall Scroll? Today I will introduce Wall Scroll to everyone.

You can deeply understand the history and origin of Wall Scroll.

You can choose Diipoo Custom Wall Scroll online service,create your own Japanese wall scroll.

Chinese wall scroll
Chinese wall scroll

Let’s start!

  • Definition & History
  • Make Custom Wall Scrolls Online
  • Hang Wall Scrolls Without Hooks
  • Development
  • Conclusion

Acting as an alternative to modern-day posters with easy portability and storage in mind, wall scrolls are actually an ancient form of East Asian artistry.

Definition & History

In Japanese culture, they’re called “kakemono”, meaning: kakeru (to hang) mono (object).

Originally associated with China, they were made with bamboo and silk.

Their use was primarily banners, calligraphy and other forms of literature.

Eventually they went through various phases of changes.

These hanging scrolls were first popularized during the Song Dynasty, followed up by widespread appeal during the Ming Dynasty.

Later on, they spread to Japan as a means to spread Buddhism.

They’ve found their footing in Japanese culture and have had a strong presence in interior decoration ever since.

Nowadays, we use them to decorate our houses as well, and there’s no better time for one to get into wall scrolls.

There are lots of different variations, thanks to its global spread. From traditional calligraphy and painting, to contemporary paintings and even artforms like anime and anime characters, wall scrolls can be used to display a lot of things.

Not only are they extremely affordable now, but can also be custom-made exactly as per your needs.

How To Get Custom Wall Scrolls Made

Using the online service, you’re able to create your own custom wall scrolls.

This amazing service allows you to import your own images or wallpapers and turn them into a full sized wall scroll.

Compared to traditionally available scrolls, which are restricted to only what the artist provides, the liberty and flexibility you get by importing your own choices is amazing!

The art is printed out as per your requirements, there are different sizes available as per your needs. Specifically, the sizes range from :

  • 50x80CM
  • 50x90CM
  • 50x120CM
  • 50x160CM

There’s an extra large, body size version too.

Each tier has its own price. The flexibility tools provided allow you to zoom into the pictures you have uploaded as well, allowing you to easily crop out unnecessary parts.

As they use aluminium alloy, which is a very light, tough, grey and great looking material, they tend to be very sturdy and highly attractive.


To add to this, the scrolls also use a peach skin velvet canvas that provides a long-lasting, durable and rugged canvas and come with brighter, cleaner colours which will not fade.

Using custom services can be frightening, which is why Diipoo’s fast communication, expertise and genuine support team will help in clearing any and all doubts.

As the scrolls are designed with portability and storage in mind, you can choose to hang them or store them as per your convenience, with strong materials such as these you can rest assured your scrolls will remain intact even when stored.

This is a huge advantage over conventional posters as it’s a hassle to move them around and storage is almost non-existent.

How To Hang Wall Scrolls Without Hooks

There are multiple ways to hang wall scrolls, we’re going to cover some of them for you.


Method 1 – Thumbtacks

Thumbtacks are a simple way to hang up your wall scrolls without any major damage. Ideally, you already have a pack lying around at your house.

If not, you can find them at your local stationery shop or even online, they’re usually inexpensive.

To set up the wall scroll: You should place the wall scroll of your choice at your desired height, mark the location with a pencil. Your wall scrolls should come with either a ribbon, a string or holders at the back.

If not, you should procure a string and tie it to the sides of your scroll from behind. Grab a hold of your thumbtack and push it into the marked location.

Use the string, or the provided holders to gently hang your wall scroll on the thumbtacks.

Depending on the material, if it isn’t already unfurled you should unfurl it slowly and adjust the string’s position to center it. Voila! You have your wall scroll hooked up without even damaging your walls or the scroll itself.

This method is great for drywalls. However, make sure your wall scrolls are regular sized, as certain thumbtacks may not be able to hold large sized, heavy scrolls.

Method 2: Adhesive strips

For a low maintenance, easy option, you should definitely opt for adhesive strips.

These can be found at any local stationery store or online.

Usually the strips come in 2 parts. A velcro attacher, and the adhesive strip itself.

First, grab your pencil and mark the location where you wish to set your wall scroll up.

Then, turn your scroll around and attach the velcro strip onto the back of the upper and lower bars each. Once done, simply attach the adhesive strip on top of the velcro strip.

However, don’t pull the adhesive strip’s cover off unless you plan on putting the scroll up immediately after.

Secure your scroll on the marked position, and remove the cover off the top bar.

This will allow you to stick it onto the wall easily, ensure it’s centered properly, then remove the strip from the lower bar.

Once stuck, your wall scroll should be firmly attached to the wall without any creases!


Commonly used to display calligraphy, oriental paintings, quotes etc, wall scrolls are a part of a long history and culture.

Traditionally, they’re not intended to be on display permanently, but rather used during special occasions.

However, this has changed over time.

Lately,a lot of artwork is being done in either an anime style or has anime specific characters specifically for a lot of these wall scrolls.

This is in stark contrast to the traditional style wall scrolls, thankfully this just means there’s no shortage of options.

Such as: Japanese wall scroll, anime wall scroll, my hero academia wall scroll, One Piece wall scroll.

Anime wall scroll
Anime wall scroll

There’s a way to make custom wall scrolls as well, we can use Diipoo service: Custom Wall Scroll.

Custom wall scroll at Diipoo
Custom wall scroll at Diipoo


As the scrolls are designed with portability and storage in mind, you can choose to hang them or store them as per your convenience, with strong materials such as these you can rest assured your scrolls will remain intact even when stored.

This is a huge advantage over conventional posters as it’s a hassle to move them around and storage is almost non-existent.

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