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How To Hang Wall Scrolls? 4 Methods You Must Know

Yes, we have been discussing Wall scroll recently, and someone will always ask us, How To Hang Wall Scrolls?
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  1. Foreword
  2. Method 1: Thumbtacks
  3. Method 2: Adhesive strips
  4. Method 3: Adhesive hooks
  5. Method 4: Thumbtacks Hang Horizontal Wall Scrolls
  6. Tips to Remember
Popular in Japanese as well as Chinese culture and history, lately wall scrolls are becoming a hot favourite in the west as well.
These traditional alternatives to modern posters provide a different kind of aesthetic and feel entirely.
From beautiful Chinese paintings to modern-day anime characters, these scrolls cover a wide variety.
Given their traditional appeal, they fit into almost any new modern household while providing a stark contrast.
Dealing with delicate materials involved, we obviously do not want to damage our wall scrolls.
Here we’ll be talking about a few ways to properly hang your wall scrolls.
How To Hang Wall Scrolls Without Nails in 4 Methods?
Custom Wall Scroll (9)
Custom Wall Scroll (9)

Method 1 : Thumbtacks

Things needed: Thumbtacks, pencil, string if needed
Thumbtacks are an easy way to hang up your wall scrolls without any major damage.
Ideally, you already have a pack lying around at your house. If not, you can find them at your local stationery shop or even online, they’re usually inexpensive.
To set up the wall scroll: You should place the wall scroll of your choice at your desired height, mark the location with a pencil.
Your wall scrolls should come with either a ribbon, a string or holders at the back. If not, you should procure a string and tie it to the sides of your scroll from behind.
Grab a hold of your thumbtack and push it into the marked location.
Use the string, or the provided holders to gently hang your wall scroll on the thumbtack.
Depending on the material, if it isn’t already unfurled you should unfurl it slowly and adjust the string’s position to center it.
Voila! You have your wall scroll hooked up without even damaging your walls or the scroll itself.
This method is great for drywalls.
However, make sure your wall scrolls are regular sized, as certain thumbtacks may not be able to hold large sized, heavy scrolls.

Method 2: Adhesive strips

Things needed: Adhesive strips, pencil
For a low maintenance, easy option, you should definitely opt for adhesive strips.
These can be found at any local stationery store or online.
Usually the strips come in 2 parts. A velcro attacher, and the adhesive strip itself.
First, grab your pencil and mark the location where you wish to set your wall scroll up.
Then, turn your scroll around and attach the velcro strip onto the back of the upper and lower bars each.
Once done, simply attach the adhesive strip on top of the velcro strip.
However, don’t pull the adhesive strip’s cover off unless you plan on putting the scroll up immediately after.