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15 Tips You Must Know: How to Store A Rug?

After a period when your ‘custom anime rugs‘ have been utilized.

If you don’t want to lay the rug, store it properly.

Proper carpet storage.

It can prevent carpets from being damaged or deformed when not in use.

Today, Diipoo will teach everyone how to store carpets correctly.

Carpets are an essential element in home decoration.

Therefore, we must be well-versed in the daily maintenance of carpets.

For example, during seasonal changes, moving, or temporary non-use.

You can significantly extend the rug’s lifespan if you learn to store and maintain it properly.

Of course, if you are not familiar with this yet, then you must read this article about how to store a rug.

1. Clean the Rug or Carpet

Before storing the carpet, make sure to clean it deep thoroughly.

By thoroughly cleaning the carpet, we can remove dust particles and stains and eliminate bacteria that may cause damage or odors during storage.

Diipoo’s rugs can be vacuumed, cleaned, or dry-cleaned using a machine.

2. Roll Up the Carpet for Storage

Rolling up the carpet is a standard method of storage.

Generally speaking, the carpet should be rolled up instead of folded because folding may result in difficult-to-remove creases or even tears over time.

For handmade carpets specifically,

The pile should be rolled inside while exposing the backside.

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This method saves space and protects the shape of the carpet.

Step 1:

Cleanse the floor surface, ensuring no sharp objects could damage your rug.

Step 2:

Start rolling up one end of your rug slowly and evenly until reaching another end.

Step 3:

While rolling up your rug, you may use ropes or wide adhesive tapes at both ends to secure it tightly without becoming loose.

3. Use a Rug Pad or Core Tube

To protect the fibers and shape of the carpet, consider using a rug pad or core tube before rolling it up.

Rug pads or core tubes are soft materials that can be placed inside the carpet to support and maintain its structure.

They also provide additional cushioning and protection, preventing wrinkles or deformations during storage.

4. Choose an Appropriate Storage Location

Choosing the right storage location is crucial for protecting your carpets.

The place where you store your carpets should be dry, well-ventilated, and away from direct sunlight.

Humidity and sunlight can cause fading, deformation, and mold growth in carpets.

Choosing a dry indoor rather than damp basements or humid places is best.

5. Preventing Pressure and Heavy Objects

When storing carpets, it is essential to avoid subjecting them to excessive pressure or the weight of heavy objects.

We ensure that the area where the carpet is stored has no heavy objects pressing down on it, as prolonged pressure can cause permanent deformation.

6. Regularly Flip the Carpet

To maintain even the wear and shape of the carpet, it is necessary to flip it regularly.

Every few months, remove the stored carpet and flip it over so that the side that was initially underneath becomes exposed on top.

This purpose is to evenly distribute pressure and wear on the carpet, thus extending its lifespan.

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7. Wrap in Cloth

After rolling up a carpet, store it wrapped in cotton cloth.

Avoid using plastic film for packaging as it hinders natural fibers from “breathing.”

8. Dust Prevention

When storing carpets, proper dust prevention measures must be taken.

This can be done using plastic film, fabric covers, or specially designed storage bags for carpets.

Wrap the entire carpet tightly and seal off any openings to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.

9. Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Never assume maintenance isn’t necessary just because you’re not using a carpet.

Every few months, inspect your carpets for any issues such as dampness, mold growth, or pest infestation.

10. Humidity Control

High humidity can cause carpets to warp or develop mold, while arid conditions may lead to cracking.

Therefore, pay attention when choosing a storage room!

11. Avoid Sun Exposure

Exposing carpets directly to sunlight will cause fading over time.

If there are windows in your storage area, use blackout curtains to block out sunlight.

12. Insecticide Spray

Moths or small flying insects can damage carpets.

Therefore, we recommend using insecticide spray before storing them.

13. Gentle Patting and Shaking

Before using a stored carpet again after removing it, gently pat and shake it.

This can help restore its softness and shape.

14. Avoid Flames

To prevent smoke residue from leaving stains, avoiding fireworks on the rug is essential.

The carpet can even catch fire and become deformed.

15. Avoid Placing Furniture on the Rug

When placing furniture on the carpet, it is best to use padding to isolate the parts that come into contact with the carpet.

This can reduce pressure on the surface of the carpet and prevent deformation.

How to store carpets properly is crucial for maintaining a tidy home.

Proper carpet storage methods can prolong the lifespan of carpets while preserving their appearance and quality.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your stored carpets remain in excellent condition when taken out for use.

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