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Innovative Ways of Using Oppai Mousepads (3D Mousepad): 9 Surprising Methods!

Hello everyone, today Lei will introduce the usage of an oppai mouse pad (3D mouse pad).

Before this, I searched for many news articles but none of them wrote about how to use a 3D mouse pad.

Do you dare to buy an “oppai mouse pad”?

The popular 3D anime mouse pad

Usually, having an anime figurine at home has already attracted attention.

Figurines are the most common type of anime merchandise and if it’s not a sexually explicit one, parents would understand even if they see it.

Compared to anime figurines, would Otakus dare to customize this product?

It is the 3D mouse pad that becomes very popular after adding an anime character.

Moreover, the stereo mouse pad also has better comfort.

All characters can become peripherals for this kind of mousepad. 

Don’t think that only female characters can be used; 

Male characters can also be used. 

Female characters will be produced as “oppai mousepad”, “butt mousepad

Male characters will be produced as “male 3D mouse pads

The principle is the same; it’s just the difference between ‘chest muscles’ and ‘butt’. They are all types of 3D mouse pads.

Regular Mouse Pad vs. Oppai Mouse Pad

There is not much difference in the usage between a 3D mouse pad and a regular mouse pad.

The oppai mouse pad provides a smooth working surface, ensuring smooth and precise movement of the mouse.

The main difference is that 3D mouse pads usually have special designs with bumps and grooves.

The front part of the 3D mouse pad (oppai mouse pad) has most of the area, which is enough for palm and mouse use, and it will be thicker than regular ones.

The bottom of the 3D mouse pad (oppai mouse pad) has silicone, which is very soft and comfortable to use. It makes our operation more flexible and natural.

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We just need to put the mouse on the desktop to start using it.

Usually, 3D mouse pads are thicker than regular ones. 

Even if your desktop is uneven, Diipoo’s 3D breast-shaped Mouse Pad can better adapt to new work surfaces.

Over fifty thousand users have chosen Diipoo; remember to choose our “Customized Oppai Mouse Pad” service.

  • Relaxing Product
  • Entertainment Products
  • Exhibition
  • As Your Wife or Husband
  • Breast Mouse Pad Sleeping
  • Using 3D Mouse Pad for Masturbation
  • Using 3D Breast Mouse Pad for Self-defense
  • Using a 3D Oppai Mouse Pad for Fitness
  • Oppai Mouse Pad as a Keychain

Relaxing Product

A 3D Mouse Pad is a product that can provide relaxation and stress relief. 

It has a soft texture with surface textures similar to massage that helps relieve hand fatigue and pressure. 

A breast-shaped 3D Mouse Pad can also promote blood circulation in hands, thereby improving hand flexibility and comfort. 

Using this product during work or study breaks can help relax your mind while improving physical health.

Entertainment Products

Imagine this.

A girl with a big chest or a man with muscular pecs lying on your desk.

What would you do?

If it were Lei, I would poke her face and observe her expression.

Touch her oppai and feel their softness.

If you are an imaginative person, you can use a “stick” to rub the middle of the breasts.

As for specific usage methods, I believe you can explore them yourself.


When you have customized many “oppai mouse pads,” I believe you will become a collector.

You can create an interactive area, display stand, or desktop.

By displaying 3D mouse pads, your friends can view interesting 3D mouse pads.

And show your friends how to use 3D mouse pads correctly and explain their benefits to physical health.

As Your Wife or Husband

If you are not interested in current mouse pads,

you can also make three-dimensional mouse pads using anime pictures, game pictures, or even real-life photos. 

Diipoo can print breast or buttock-shaped mousepads. 

Isn’t it fun if your favorite character is right beside you? 

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Customize breast-shaped mousepads as wives or husbands.

Oppai Mouse Pad Sleeping

Diipoo also has a “life size oppai mouse pad“.

At nightfall, you can put it on your bed. 

Touch her breasts and fall asleep together. 

The life size oppai mouse pad is 48 centimeters wide and the same size as a real person.

Using a 3D mouse pad for masturbation

I believe you have this idea, our oppai mouse pad can meet your needs.

Remember to “clean the oppaimouse pad” after use.

Using breast mouse pad for fitness

Want to lose weight but lack perseverance?

Come on, customize a breast mouse pad.

You can place the breast mouse pad on the bed or floor.

Start exercising and do a push-up to touch your chest.

Bury your face in your chest.

This way you will have motivation for fitness.

Using a 3D mouse pad for self-defense

Yes, you read that right!

Diipoo’s customized mouse pads weigh up to 2000 grams.

You can use the breast mousepad (3D Mouse Pad) as a self-defense tool at home when encountering danger. 

The 2000-gram heavy-duty Mouse Pad serves as a shield. 

This way you can protect yourself from harm. XD.

Using a 3D Oppai Mouse Pad for Fitness

Want to lose weight but lack the perseverance?

Customize your breast mouse pad.

You can place it on your bed or the ground.

Start exercising and do a push-up to touch your chest.

Burrow your face into the breast area.

This will give you motivation to exercise.

Oppai Mouse Pad as a Keychain

Diipoo also has mini breast mouse pad keychains.

The size of the 3D mouse pad keychain is 86x12mm.

Hang it anywhere and you’ll get attention.

There are many ways to use the Breast Mouse Pad, and you can continue exploring them. 

Diipoo’s “Customized Oppai Mouse Pad” is suitable for placing mice in an appropriate area and for smooth operation. 

The entire chest can support your wrist, preventing arthritis. 

Diipoo enlarges images by 16 times! We provide high-definition enlarged images. 

Diipoo‘s vision is to provide customized life services for otaku! 

3D Mouse Pads offer more rich and more smooth operating experiences.

Customized 3D mouse pads also include the following types:

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