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What Is A Body Pillow? Everything You Need is Here

Are you a healthy and active individual? How does your day go by? Let me guess!

Getting up fresh at 7 am in the morning, drinking your cup of coffee and rushing off to work.

Either you drive, get a taxi, or ride a tube to get to work. Either way, this does burn calories.

Work is, in itself, something hectic, and by the time you get back home, you are knackered.

A good night’s sleep

Once you are home, all you need is to rest, and later in the night, you would want nothing more than a good night’s sleep.

No matter how physically fit you are, no one can be equally active without a healthy sleeping pattern. Try a few days without sleep, or with less sleep.

You will feel the difference; you won’t feel as active as before.

So, it is decided that, arguably, the most important part of your day is the night-time or whenever you sleep.

Your body needs the rest to work and you need sleep to charge it up.

So, while we’ve established a point as to how important sleep is for us, why don’t we discuss how to make sure you get the best sleep possible?

A body pillow

You might have heard about body pillows before.

They have been majorly linked with pregnancy and pregnant women.

While that notion is not untrue, pregnant women are not the only section of the society who use or can use a body pillow.

What is a body pillow?

A body pillow is an extended version of a normal pillow that we see in every home.

This type of pillow is long as compared to normal pillows. Normally the size is 54″ in
length and around 20″ in width, but this could vary depending on the shape and size of the body pillow.

Body pillows are normally available in the shape of letters I, J, U.

What are the shapes of body pillows?

Believe you me, the shapes of body pillows is in the shape of alphabets not of someone’s love for the language. It is simply because these shaped designs are the most effective and comfortable for their users.

l shaped pillow

An ‘I’ shaped pillow works more like a huggy bear. It is straight and it extends in front of your face, down to your legs. You can hug it and relax while you doze off to sleep.

U shaped pillow


U shaped pillows are one of the most common body pillows around.

This type of pillow extends from your feet up to your head and then turns like a U turn all the way to your back leg, supporting your back in the process. This shape helps you relax the most and this shape is the favourite for pregnant ladies.

With a U shaped pillow, you get to relax your arms, legs, your head, neck, your back and your back legs as well. This helps you in pressing your pressure points, thus helping you relax the most.

J shaped body pillow


J shaped body pillows are also pretty affective and they support your neck and extend down to your legs.

It is your choice how you wish to use them.

If you wish to support your back, you can fix this pillow backwards and it will go from your neck down to your back.

If you wish to keep it in a cuddly way, you can hug it from the front while helping your head and neck relax.


With an increase in their popularity with every passing day, body pillows have become more of a decorative item along with a soothing tool.

When you are using a body pillow, I would recommend going for a design of your choice rather than any plain pillow. Add some colours to it so it can look ravishing while you are not using it.

This will make your bed look amazing in the day when you aren’t using it and at night, it is the same thing that you love the most.

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Talking from personal experience, each and every bedroom of mine has a customized body pillow from Diipoo Brand.

As the founder, I can also feel the quality of the product. When I rest, I can lean on it and relax.

All we had to do was provide them with a picture or any design that we wanted to print on our body pillow and they would simply do the job.

Each bedroom has a different design all per the individual’s liking. This is super cool and relaxing at the same time.

Everyone can use it

  • Pregnant women

As mentioned before, pregnant women are the most common users of body pillows but anyone who loves a good sleeping time can make use of it.

  • Old age

Old age has plenty of effect on your body, Body aches, back pains and neck problems are pretty common.

  • Neck or back problems

A body pillow can be highly affective for individuals who have neck or back problems. With good support around your back and neck, you can relax who you go to sleep.

This helps in easing those pains, which are caused by the stiffness of muscles.

Taking too much space

These body pillows are comfy holes but try and fit them in small spaces. If you need a relaxed sleeping spot, then you need to make some space for that spot.

These body pillows adjust adult male and females so they will consume decent amount of space in your room.

If you are thinking of adding something slimmer or smaller, you might be compromising on a relaxed sleep.

Body pillows are amazing and everyone should have them at their house. Using them can have a lot of benefits for you and your family.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy by using body pillows instead of traditional pillows.

Benefits of Using Body Pillows

  1. Releasing Stress And Anxiety
  2. Ideal for Pregnant Women
  3. Help With Snoring
  4. Great for Your Shoulders and Neck
  5. Better, Faster and Relaxing Sleep
  6. A Great Addition to Your Bedroom

Releasing Stress And Anxiety

  • Relieve anxiety
  • Body pillows are soft
  • Improving your sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your mental health

Medical science proves that hugging something can help in sending positive signals to the brain.

All patients suffering from anxiety can gain some relief through body pillows, as you can sleep comfortably while hugging them.

Body pillows are soft and specifically designed to improve your sleep. In addition to improving your sleep, these pillows also help you reduce stress by snuggling and hugging a soft pillow.

This is a Win-Win situation for you as you get to sleep better and improve your mental health as well.

Ideal for Pregnant Women

As already mentioned, body pillows offer great benefits for pregnant women.

Pregnant women can position their bellies in an ideal way which may help them in experiencing a complication free pregnancy.

If you are someone who tends to move a lot in bed when sleeping then you should definitely get a body pillow for yourself.

The body pillow wouldn’t just give you the right support that you need but it will also prevent you from making any unwanted moves around the bed.

The U Shaped body pillow is perfect for pregnant women as it can give support to your pregnant belly and also give your support from back.

It will restrict your movement within the U shape body pillow thus saving you from moving needlessly around the bed when you are asleep.

Help With Snoring

Body pillows can help you sleep on your side which is great for you and for the people around you.

If you are a loud snorer then you need to get a body pillow for yourself.

It can be a great gift to give your partner who is a loud snorer.

People who sleep on their backs tend to snore more than the people who sleep on their sides.

With body pillows, you would be able to comfortably sleep on your side which will eventually lessen the snoring.

This will be great for you and the people around you. You might be enjoying a great sleep on these body pillows but it is going to be your spouse or partner who’ll feel happier about you using the body pillows as you’d be snoring less and they will be able to enjoy a great sleep themselves as well.

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Great for Your Shoulders and Neck

Body pillows are great for people who have broader shoulders. It can allow them to have the right sleeping posture.

In addition to that you can also position your neck in the right way which will prevent you from getting any sort of neck pain due to wrong sleeping position.

A lot of people complain about neck problem and they don’t realize that the major cause of this can be their wrong sleeping position.

People get confused about the reason for neck pain because they don’t feel that they are doing anything wrong. This is because we have been using traditional pillows for centuries. No one thinks that they can go wrong with them.

However in reality, traditional pillows can be a cause for your neck pain.

Body pillows are the need of time. Modern world requires modern solutions and body pillow is the modern solution of all sleep related problems.

Better, Faster and Relaxing Sleep

The main purpose of a pillow is to let you enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Without a pillow you may not be able to sleep in the way you want.

A pillow lifts up your head and bring it to an ideal height from the bed thus making it easy for you to sleep. We have been using the traditional pillow for centuries however with time everything has evolved even the pillows. These days body pillows are quite popular in the market.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are an update to the traditional pillows. With their unique design you would be able to enjoy a better and more relaxing sleep. For people suffering from sleep deprivation, insomnia and other sleep related issues should definitely try body pillows as it will help them to sleep faster.

You can find different types of body pillows in the market and all of these are designed for different purposes. However they all perform one common function and that is to improve your sleep.

The design of these body pillows ensure that your body is perfectly aligned for a perfectly good sleep. A good sleeping schedule can have very positive effects on your life.

A Great Addition to Your Bedroom

Body pillows cannot only help you physically and mentally but they can also play their role in enhancing the entire outlook of your bedroom.

The way you set up your room can create a very positive environment with positive vibes all around. In addition to that, having body pillows in your guest room can create a great impression about you in the eyes of your guests. It will make your guests feel that you care for them and you never know your guests might buy one for themselves on their way back.

The world is modernising. New and innovative things are being launched that are efficient, user friendly and offer a great deal of benefits.

Body pillows are part of this modernisation. They are a modified version of traditional pillows that are unique, more efficient and offer a better sleeping experience. Different body pillows can be used for different purposes. One of the best things about body pillows is that you can get a personalised one made specifically for you.

So if using any of the generic shapes don’t work for you, you can order to get one made for you that is exactly according to your needs.

Even if you don’t suffer from any problem, you should still start using a body pillow. You can never know its benefits if you don’t try it. You can always go back to traditional pillows if body pillows don’t work for you but we are sure that once you start using body pillows, you would have a great experience.

At present, Diipoo’s customized body pillow can meet people’s needs. You can print your favorite pictures, animals, family, food, animation, games, etc., to fully meet your needs.

Aiming at anime lovers, we also specially launched the dakimakura shop, you can buy hundreds of anime body pillows.

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