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5 Amazing Dakimakura Benefits Become An Essential Item In Life

In the past, our understanding of a body pillow (also called as 抱き枕or dakimakura in Japanese) has only remained at its ornamental level, and the only sense of security it could bring.

However, in fact, there are many functions of a body pillow. If we don’t learn them, we really don’t know that we can buy a body pillow according to their benefits.

Due to its multiple characteristics, a body pillow may appear in various places, such as in a car, on a bed, on a sofa, and it has become an essential item in home life.

So, what are the benefits of a dakimakura?

First: decoration effect

Decoration is the most basic function of a body pillow. Many people buy a body pillow just to meet this function.

Compared with other pillow guarantees, the more decorative body pillow value its own decorative effect and the color collocation of the surroundings.

Therefore, this decoration has only one requirement for the body pillow, that is, whether it is from such attributes as size, pattern, color, etc., it must be diverse, so that customers can choose and customize their own style.

In addition to choosing a pillow style that fits your home environment, you can also choose a body pillow that is uncommon and has a strong exotic style, although it may not be so easy to hold.

For an ornamental body pillow, the main consideration is its ornamental value. Although it does not mean that the other considerations should be abandoned, but relatively speaking, the others should be weakened a lot.

However, when it comes to decorating, there is also a consideration, that is, whether it is suitable to place it in such a position.

For example, on the sofas where we usually sit to chat and watch TV, we should not have the kind of personalized decorative body pillows covered with beads, etc., because we are very likely to have our clothes or hair tangled up, which is naturally not a pleasant thing.

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Second: health care effect

Like pillows, the material of a body pillow core can also be some suitable health care materials to achieve health care effects. For example, buckwheat husk is a naturally good pillow material. And of course, you can also fill the body pillow with some herbs that are beneficial to the human body, such as some herbs that have the effects of soothing the nerves or calming the mind.

In addition to these, you can also add some dried petals to the pillow core material, which will vaguely give off some fragrance.

In addition to the core of the body pillow, the other one is the pillowcase. Generally, the combination of the relatively breathable pillowcase is suitable to match a good pillow core, and it is naturally another health care function.

Third: Massage effect

Yes, massage effect—for those people who long-timely sit to work, who like strenuous exercise, or some people who need to drive often—because their muscles sore needs to be soothed.

The massage function body pillow is composed of a relatively soft and soft elastomer, which can help you massage. You can choose to use it at home or in your car.

Fourth: Inspire creativity

Buy a suitable size pillow core in our Diipoo dakimakura store, and then use your dexterous hands to create your own favorite and most comfortable body pillow. With a body pillow made by yourself in arms, either in your car or on a sofa, it appears so novel and elegant!

Custom dakimakura are more and more popular because of their manufacturability and personal preferences.

A custom body pillow is a popular personalized, creative gift. It can either be used as an ornament, or a birthday gift, a wedding anniversary, a travel souvenir, etc. Diipoo’s custom pillow service is highly recommended!

Fifth: mind-calming effect

1)Hold it while sleeping, regard it as your girlfriend/boyfriend;

2)Put it on the sofa or in your car as a backrest;

3)Use it as a pillow for your kid to protect his/her neck and head;

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4)Use it to release the stress and ease your mood when you lose your temper;

5)You can also customize a pillow to give people away and enhance friendship;

6)Soothe insomnia;

7)Reduce snoring;

8)Seek psychological stability

Where to put the body pillow?

1. On your sofa

A body pillow can be used to hold when sitting or lying down on a sofa while decorating your sofa.

While you watching TV, chatting, or resting on the sofa, a soft and comfortable body pillow can give you a particularly warm feeling, and it makes your guests feel at home.

2. In your car

One of the main using occasions of the body pillows.

Put a cute body pillow in the spacious and pleasant car, it must make you feel at home in the long journey, and it also gives your favorite car an incomparable sense of etherealizing.

Like other small ornaments, a body pillow has become an indispensable element to decorate your car as well. Generally, the car-used body pillows are relatively small, so as to activate the car space.

3. On your bed

For some small and lovely beds, decoration of cute and delicate body pillows will make them rich in flavor of life, and make the owners feel warmer and more comfortable while sleeping.

Sleep with a body pillow, use Diipoo’s custom service or buy it at Diipoo store.

When you’re sleeping on your side, hold your arms around the body pillow, and the lower part of the body pillow can be cushioned under your thigh.

In this way, your shoulder joint can be fully relaxed to soothe the “numbness” of the upper limb joints.

It is incredible for a little body pillow to have so many benefits. For today’s society, it is both energy saving and eco-friendly, no need electricity, neither radiation, and the materials are natural and harmless to health. no matter It is suitable for both young and old, men and women.

There are more and more functions of body pillows, and now there are more and more industries that you can custom your favorite body pillows. This is a nice service. Isn’t it cool to choose the style you like and make your own boy pillow?

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