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11 Tips to Note: What Size Rug for Office Desk

Everyone knows that the office is where employees work.

A comfortable and cozy office environment can improve employee productivity and happiness.

Rugs can provide a comfortable and warm atmosphere for the office.

Therefore, appropriate size, material, layout, etc., are critical when choosing rugs.

What size rug for office desk?

Today, Diipoo will introduce you to choosing office rugs and what size rug suits office desks.

Choose rugs based on different areas of the office

When selecting an office rug, do not overlook its material factor.

The quality of the material directly affects the final user experience of the rug.

Here are some common rug materials and their characteristics compiled by Diipoo:

High-density nylon rug

Nylon rugs are durable and easy-to-clean choices.

They have excellent wear resistance and can be placed in high-traffic office areas like coffee machines, water dispensers, or hallways.

Nylon rugs also have anti-pollution and antibacterial properties, keeping indoor air fresh.

Polyester fiber rug

Polyester fiber rugs are soft and cost-effective options.

They have good stain resistance performance, making them quite suitable if cost-saving is desired!

They also have specific resistance against food or liquid spills, making them ideal for cafeterias.

However, they have one drawback: they tend to generate static electricity relatively quickly and require anti-static treatment.

Premium woolen rug

Woolen rugs are luxurious and high-quality choices.

They have excellent durability and insulation properties, making them highly safe under office desks.

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Moreover, woolen rugs also have moisture absorption and humidity regulation functions, providing better indoor air quality.

Crystal velvet rug

The raw material of the crystal velvet rug is crystal velvet itself.

The raw material of crystal velvet is polyester fiber.

Its fabric has a soft touch with thick plushness and a diamond-like luster.

Currently, it is commonly used in the production of women’s clothing.

Crystal velvet is suitable for making clothing accessories and can be used for embossing, flocking, crimping, or composite processing.

It is very suitable as a material for fabric decorations such as toys, cushions, curtains, and screens.

Choosing a rug based on the size of the office desk

Small office desk

The standard dimensions for our small office desks are between 90 centimeters and 120 centimeters.

In this case, choosing a rug that is approximately 60×90 centimeters would be sufficient.

Firstly, it is small enough to provide coverage for the work area.

The rug will not appear too large, either.

Medium-sized office desk

The dimensions of a typical medium-sized office desk range from about 120 centimeters to 150 centimeters.

We can choose a rug that measures approximately 90×150 centimeters or around 120×180 centimeters.

These sizes of rugs can better adapt to the work area.

The rug provides ample space and comfort.

Large office desk

Some companies with larger spaces may opt for large office desks exceeding 150 centimeters in size.

Correspondingly, these types of desks require relatively more oversized rugs as well.

Generally, rugs measuring around 150×210 centimeters or approximately 180×270 centimeters would be more suitable.

Of course, factories and companies nowadays prefer custom-made rugs covering the entire floor area.

And modern custom-made rugs are an excellent choice indeed.

Because firstly, you can select an appropriate size according to your actual space requirements.

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You can also design them in different colors instead of gray or black.

With Diipoo’s custom-made anime rug service, you only need three steps to find the right rug.

  • Upload an image
  • Select the size
  • Place your order

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Things to Consider When Choosing Office Carpets

Speaking of which, besides considering the material and, most importantly, size measurements,

I want to remind you about some essential points:

Consider the layout of your desk and chair

Ensure that the rug accommodates both your desk and chair:

In addition to considering the desk’s dimensions, you should also consider the range of movement for your office chair.

Ensure the rug is large enough to accommodate the desk and chair without causing inconvenience or obstruction.

Ensure that the rug does not hinder chair movement

Choose a flat surface rug to ensure smooth movement of your office chair without being obstructed by its thickness or material.

Consider traffic flow and functionality around your desk

Traffic flow consideration: If there is heavy foot traffic in your office, choosing a larger rug size may be more appropriate.

This ensures that the rug covers a broader area, reducing footsteps noise while providing greater comfort for your work area.

Functionality consideration

In addition to size, functionality is an essential factor when selecting a rug.

If your office frequently deals with food or beverages, or if you need to use rolling chairs, choosing a rug that is easy to clean and resistant to stains is crucial.

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Custom Anime Rugs: The online design tool, worldwide shipping, images can be enlarged up to 16x. You can enjoy a 10% discount using the discount code "diipoo10."

Now you know how challenging it can be to select an appropriate rug for your office desk.

After all, it’s not just about considering practical dimensions;

you must also consider material, cost-effectiveness, and usage rate factors.

However, after reading this article, I believe you no longer need to worry about choosing an office rug.

Regardless of which type of rug we choose, regular storage and maintenance rugs are necessary to extend their lifespan.

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