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Best Dakimakura Material

Best Dakimakura Material Everyone Should Know

Just imagine you holding an anime dakimakura on the sofa, with your Waifu printed on it, soft and very comfortable.


When tired, it can be used as a small pillow;


When you want to joke with your partner, it can be used to gently smash each other;


When it’s cold in winter, you can hold it for warmth. Having such a perfect anime dakimakura is very comfortable.


Before we buy anime dakimakura body pillow, we should know what is the best dakimakura material?


Different dakimakura materials feel differently, and different people prefer dakimakura of different materials.


According to the materials, dakimakura covers can be divided into 2Way materials, cotton materials, peach skin velvet materials, silk materials, etc.


At present, the online custom 3D dakimakura and custom anime body pillow are generally made of peach skin velvet, natural velvet, Japanese polyester and imported 2WAY tricot , the prices rise in turn.

Best Dakimakura Material
Best Dakimakura Material

Peach skin velvet material


Peach skin velvet is relatively smooth and is a popular fabric. It’s a good fabric for holding pillows , but not suitable for dakimakura. It’s not as exquisite as 2way material.


Natural velvet material


There is a layer of fluff on the surface of natural velvet, and is more suitable in winter. The most cost-effective one is Japanese polyester, with average performance in smoothness and durability


2WAY material


It is generally considered that dakimakura made of 2Way material is more soft and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, giving you comfort and warmth when holding.

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They are now for sale at Diipoo dakimakura customization and dakimakura shop, you are welcome to pick and buy.


2way material has strong moisture absorption and air permeability. It can be called air conditioner dakimakura in summer. It is excellent, silky and cool


It feels particularly comfortable in the humid and hot southern areas, unlike holding ordinary cotton or chemical fiber dakimakura, which has the feeling of heat, moisture and warmth.


The filler material of Diipoo dakimakura is PP cotton of good quality. You decide the dakimakura material for yourself.


The material for dakimakura cover is essential, and you can choose according to your personal preference and environment.


You can consider 2way material in particular, which is relatively skin-friendly!


The main issuing of choosing dakimakura is core and cover, the best core material is PP cotton, and the best cover material is 2way material.


To greet Black Friday, all custom dakimakura ordered at Diipoo will have a dust bag as a gift, with global delivery and unlimited quantity. You are also welcome to come to our dakimakura shop and customize dakimakura.

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