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Why We Should Buy 3D Mouse Pad Diipoo is Better than Others

Why We Should Buy 3D Mouse Pad? Diipoo is Better than Others

When an ordinary mouse pad is used, our wrists are habitually placed on a rigid desk edge. In fact, such habit can cause serious damages to our wrists after a long time.

In a 3D mouse pad, the part for the wrist is designed as a pillow to fit wrist shapes perfectly.

Besides pillows, the variations include the breasts or hips of 3D cartoon figures.

These vivid and smart 3D mouse pads have won praises from homebodies.

Such bust-shaped 3D mouse pads with pretty faces and sexy bodies can trigger wild imaginations.

However, such distinctive products have become popular hits. According to many users, they are not only interesting but also prevent carpal tunnel syndrome! Let’s find out more.


The popular mouse pads are developed by Diipoo.

By cooperating with many studios, our original designer selected one half-length photo and designed it into a 3D mouse pad for mass production. As far as we know, the personalized 3D mouse pads made by Diipoo have been adored by homebodies worldwide and exported to Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea.

The functional 3D mouse pad for protecting wrists is rated as one of “must-have” accessories in Japan. Besides protecting wrists, it has been part of the subculture for homebodies in the country.


In addition to its delicate and sexy appearance, the 3D mouse pad can protect users’ wrists.

Computer workers may have carpal tunnel syndrome after using computers and mouse devices for hours, in particular programmers, designers, and web editors.

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The syndrome will cause the numbness of fingers and painful feelings, or even worse permanent hand disability.

As a result, some patients have to give up their jobs related to computers. It’s important for white collar workers to prevent the syndrome.

First of all, we need to have correct sitting posture to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

In general, the height of a mouse should be consistent with that of the elbow when the upper arm droops naturally, namely the forearm and elbow are in a horizontal position to make the wrist in a comfortable position.

Secondly, excessive usage of mouse devices should be avoided to relax the wrist.

Finally, a mouse pad with ergonomic design can be used to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.


By using ergonomic principles, the Diipoo 3D mouse pad can help office workers prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Due to this unique function, the 3D mouse pads have been popular hits since they were launched.

Diipoo provides custom-made mouse pads as well. You can visit our website, choose “custom 3D mouse pad”, and design a pattern you like. Now you can upload the pattern and place an order.

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