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5 Ways How To Select The Right Dakimakura Size (1)

5 Ways To Choose The Right Dakimakura Size

Everyone is familiar with dakimakura, as we may use them in everyday life or work, as they are comfortable to hold.


How big should a dakimakura be?


There are requirements for the sizes of dakimakura, as they have different types and styles, and users have different demands.


How to choose the right dakimakura size?


What are other notes before buying?


Diipoo will tell you about different sizes from different aspects, especially the DPI, PX, CM of dakimakura.


You will surely be more clear about that when customizing your own dakimakura.

Azur Lane Washington Dakimakura
Azur Lane Washington Dakimakura

Dakimakura Styles

Dakimakura have many design styles, and people with different needs can pick the suitable one.


For example, the size of a Mediterranean style dakimakura is 30*50cm, while that of simple European style is about 30*48cm.


The use experience will be better if you choose the style first.


Dakimakura Shapes

The sizes of dakimakura are directly related to their shapes. The common shapes of dakimakura at present are mainly square, round, long or irregular shapes.


You’d better determine the shape before choosing the size, as dakimakura of different shapes should have different sizes to ensure the good use and enjoyment.


DPI is short for Dots Per Inch, which is the unit of resolution of printers, mice and other devices.


This is one of the main parameters to measure the printing accuracy of printers.


Generally speaking, the bigger the value is, the higher the printing accuracy of the printer is, and the printing must be 300dpi or 350dpi.


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Next, we will explain the common dakimakura sizes and DPI.


Small Size: 40×40

cm: 40

In: 15.74803 in

DPI: 300

Px: 4724(Generally used 5000)

This type of dakimakura can be placed at the back when sitting on chairs, and be used as thickened cushions. They can keep us in good sitting postures, and are also suitable for us to hold.

The ideal dakimakura size is 40cm*40cm, because the hands of adults are longer than children’s, and wind can go through the gaps. So when designing, we should pay attention to the thickness of dakimakura. If not thick enough, they can’t keep warm.


Medium Size: 50×50

cm: 50

In: 19.68504 in

DPI: 300

Px: 5906(Generally used 6000)

This type of dakimakura can be placed on sofas or beds to decorate our homes, because the volume of the medium size is convenient for us to use, as they won’t slip down, and are big enough to match sofas.

5 Ways How To Select The Right Dakimakura Size (2)
5 Ways How To Select The Right Dakimakura Size (2)

Big Size: 60×60/70×70

cm: 60/70

In: 23.62205 in/27.55906 in

DPI: 300

Px: 7087(Generally used 7000)/8268(Generally used 8500)

This type of dakimakura can be placed on windowsills or beside tea tables. They can be put on the floor to use as cushions. That’s exactly what big sizes can do.

Azur Lane Ōkami Mio Dakimakura
Azur Lane Ōkami Mio Dakimakura

Super Big Size: 50×160 cm Anime Dakimakura

cm: 50×160

In: 19.68.×62.99 in

DPI: 300

Px: 6000×19000

Many dakimakura are in small size, and can’t meet the demands on bed.


In cold winter, if you sleep alone on bed, having something warm to hug must be enjoyable for you.


If you don’t have a girl friend, you can place a dakimakura of 50x160cm in your hug.

So they are the most ideal warmth preserving tools for otaku boys and girls.


Now Diipoo can customize dakimakura in different sizes of 40×120, 50X150, 50×160 and 60×180 to meet your demand. Come to customize your own dakimakura!

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5 Ways How To Select The Right Dakimakura Size (1)
5 Ways How To Select The Right Dakimakura Size (1)

Use Requirements

As to sizes of dakimakura, according to the actual needs, there are also different requirements.


According to modern medical science, the optimum dakimakura size is around 80*40, as it can help us support the head and the cervical vertebra.


Of course, you should select the size according to your own actual needs.



There are classical material options for dakimakura, like 2WAY, peach skin velvet and plush are all common choices.


According to different processing of different materials, the sizes of dakimakura may also vary.


The different use at home or at office should be taken into consideration beforehand so that you can have better use experience.



There are many sizes available for dakimakura, and the workmanship should also be considered.


The sizes are relevant with many factors, and the selection is also related to workmanship, and you should consider it before picking one to ensure that the workmanship and use conditions of the dakimakura can meet your needs, so that you can feel more relaxed and comfortable, which is the main concern of users.


People of different ages, genders, heights and weights have different requirements of dakimakura sizes.

5 Ways How To Select The Right Dakimakura Size (3)
5 Ways How To Select The Right Dakimakura Size (3)

So the best choice is to buy customized dakimakura at Diipoo.


As the main function of dakimakura is to keep warm by reducing skin and air contact, and customized dakimakura can effectively cover the parts you wish to keep warm.

That’s all about size choice of dakimakura.


When selecting, you can have a basic understanding first to see whether the style design and material of the dakimakura meet the needs of your home life, and choose the right style for your own use, so as to have a more comfortable and beautiful experience.

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