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Clean Mouldy Dakimakura

How To Clean Mouldy Dakimakura? 2 Ways You Can Choose

Those who like dakimakuras will inevitably feel lost when they see a mouldy dakimakura.


After all, they haven’t cleaned the dakimakura for a long time, so it gets mouldy.


Then, what should we do? Don’t worry! Diipoo will tell you how to deal with moldy dakimakuras!


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Clean Mouldy Dakimakura
Clean Mouldy Dakimakura

Why do dakimakuras get moldy?


Generally speaking, dakimakuras get moldy due to air humidity or sweat deposition after used for long. If we neglect the maintenance work, dakimakuras will be prone to mildew.


What should we do after finding our dakimakuras moldy? Here follow some methods for cleaning.

How to clean moldy dakimakuras?

1. Hand washing for dakimakuras washable
1. Hand washing for dakimakuras washable

1. Hand washing for dakimakuras washable


Fill a container with a certain height of warm water and then pour in a little neutral detergent;


Then, put the moldy dakimakura cover and inner filler into the water, gently rub it, take it out and rinse carefully with water for many times;


Then use a towel to squeeze out the water, adjust the prototype of the dakimakura, and dry it where well ventilated.

2. What to do if the mildew stains cannot be removed?

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The mildew stains can be somewhat completely removed as follows:


1. Soak the moldy dakimakura into the rice-washing water overnight to let the remaining protein absorb the mildew. The next day, the water will become darker in color, and the mildew will mostly have been removed.


2. For the mildew still stubborn, apply some 5% alcohol solution, or scrub it repeatedly in hot soapy water, and then the mildew can be completely removed as long as it is washed as usual.


3. For obsolete mildew, coat it with ammonia for a moment, then apply potassium permanganate solution, and finally rinse it with sodium sulfite solution and water.


4. Moreover, you can also scrub it together with wax gourd or mung bean sprouts.

How to clean moldy dakimakura filler?


When cleaning dakimakura, you’d better choose a mild detergent, so as to protect the dakimakura filler.


For those who like machine washing, before putting your dakimakura filler into a washing machine, you’d better wrap it with a large towel to balance the water flow, so as to prevent the dakimakura filler from deformation.


What harm does mildewed dakimakura have?


Long term use of mildewed dakimakuras is harmful to your health. Mildewed dakimakuras will be contaminated with many pathogens, which, if touched, will most possibly cause skin and respiratory diseases.


Therefore, your dakimakuras must be maintained regularly to prevent mildew. If possible, you’d better replace your moldy dakimakuras with new ones.

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Methods for dakimakura daily maintenance

Methods for dakimakura daily maintenance
Methods for dakimakura daily maintenance

Wash the pillowcases frequently


There are a lot of bacteria left in the pillowcase. When we’re sleeping, a lot of dandruff and even our own saliva will remain on the pillowcase.


So in any event, it’s necessary to wash your pillowcases often. Attention: Try not to wash them in clear water. Don’t be too lazy!


Often dry your dakimakuras outside in the sun.


Attention! Never let your dakimakuras be exposed to the blazing sun for quite a long time!


Diipoo tells you that long-term exposure to the blazing sun will destroy the molecular structure inside your dakimakura, make it aging and yellowing, and shorten its service life. Therefore, you’d better put it into a special dakimakura drying bag before it is exposed in the blazing sun.


You’d better dry it in the sun 2-3 times a week; if you’re really a bit lazy, at least once a week.


Replace your pillowcase in time


You can’t use one pillowcase until it is damaged; some people use their pillowcases all the time only if they are not broken. This is quite incorrect.


Generally speaking, change every two months, but never wait until they get yellow; otherwise, there may be a lot of bacteria.


Moreover, Diipoo can give you some tips!


If your pillowcase gets yellow, let it exposed to the sun for several hours.


When you smell something perfumed in the sun, it’s actually the smell of the bacterial corpse.


After it has been dried, soak it in water for several hours and then wash it with detergent.


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