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9 Reasons: Why Are Rugs So Expensive?

As an otaku, Lei, when I wanted to buy an anime carpet to decorate my room. I found the rugs to be expensive. Why are rugs so expensive? Are expensive rugs worth it? Why is that? Rugs are typical indoor decorations people love for their unique beauty and comfort. However, many people may find rugs relatively […]

14 Irresistible Reasons to Choose an Anime Rugs for Bedroom

Do you want to wake up in the morning and walk barefoot on the floor without feeling cold? Can you still sleep peacefully, no matter how noisy the outside world is? All you need is an anime carpet that provides warmth and reduces noise. The Rug In The Bedroom Is Crucial Did you know? Recently, […]

Get Lost In The World Of Anime With Our Large Anime Rug

Why are more and more people starting to buy large anime rugs? Large anime rugs were never a necessity in the past, as small ones were already suitable. Nowadays, large anime rugs have become part of fashionable home decor and are gradually becoming the centerpiece of soft furnishings. Diipoo’s custom-made anime rug is non-slip, moisture-proof, […]

Rug Sizes for Rooms: The Ultimate Illustrated Explanation

With the improvement of people’s living standards, their requirements for the living environment have become increasingly higher. In addition to meeting daily functionality, aesthetics, and practicality are also hot topics of concern. Today, Diipoo will discuss a must-have item in every household: rugs. Benefits of rugs Rugs are becoming more and more popular in today’s […]

Round Anime Rug: The Must-Have Home Accessory for Living Your Dream!

Hey! Today we wanna talk about the topic “Round anime rug.” Many people have seen rectangular anime rugs, but if we buy this carpet size, it may feel too formal and lack any sense. Therefore, Diipoo recommends otaku fans use Diipoo’s “custom anime rugs” service. You can customize round carpets or even carpets in different […]

A Must-Have for Anime Fans! Cute Anime Rugs You Can’t Resist!

Today, Diipoo wants to recommend a cute anime rug to everyone. It’s worth it for every otaku to have a “customized anime rug.” What Are Cute Anime Rugs? This home decor item is an adorable anime-themed rug that features various cute anime characters, animals, and hand-drawn styles, adding a unique decoration to your room. These […]

Step into Your Favorite Anime Series with Japanese Anime Rugs

What do you think about seeing an anime character lying on the ground? You can even step on the anime carpet for a long time without fading, thanks to Diipoo’s custom-made Japanese anime carpet. Whenever my friends and I discuss anime, we love Japanese culture and visual style. For an otaku fan like me, having […]

The Anti-Slip Fabric of the Anime Carpet Is Small but Mighty

Anti-slip fabric is usually made by applying plastic or silicone dots on the material to prevent slipping and sometimes for aesthetic purposes. Diipoo’s anime carpets are all made with anti-slip fabric, ensuring your peace of mind when using them. Introduction The dots on the anti-slip fabric are crucial as they provide the primary function of […]

How to Make a 3D Mouse Pad – 9 Secrets You Didn’t Know!

As an otaku, I have always believed that otakus must have their specialized setup! You can even use a 3D mouse pad as a fitness tool. Entertainment and fitness go hand in hand! So Lei created Diipoo. All of this is just a joke. Many people are eager to know the method of making the […]

Innovative Ways of Using Oppai Mousepads (3D Mousepad): 9 Surprising Methods!

Hello everyone, today Lei will introduce the usage of an oppai mouse pad (3D mouse pad). Before this, I searched for many news articles but none of them wrote about how to use a 3D mouse pad. Do you dare to buy an “oppai mouse pad”? What is a 3D Mouse Pad? All the Answers […]

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