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What is a peach skin fabric dakimakura

15 Peach Skin Fabric Dakimakura Truths Everything You Need To Know

What is a peach skin fabric dakimakura?

As the name implies, it is a dakimakura that has a texture and appearance similar to peach skin, with fine, even and thick hair.


Peach skin fabric is imitation leather fabric developed after the artificial suede product. It is a kind of thin fabric composed of superfine fiber and a novel thin fluffy fabric. It is derived from the artificial suede. Because it is not treated by wet coating of polyurethane, its texture is softer.


Furthermore, because its hair is short, the hair on the surface can hardly be seen while your skin can feel it, so that the hand feel and appearance are more delicate and unique.


Peach skin dakimakura have a soft and elegant luster, which gives consumers a sense of novelty and fits people’s curiosity, so they quickly become popular in the market.


Peach skin fabric dakimakura have unique styles. It can be said that super fine denier high density thin fabric is the foundation.


Compared with 2WAY dakimakura, Diipoo’s peach skin fabric dakimakura are cheaper.

Why called peach skin fabric?


The fine milling finishing in the dyeing and finishing process makes the surface of the fabric produce short fiber of about 0.2mm with a close coverage


Just like the surface of a peach, which has a novel and elegant appearance and comfortable feel, so it is favored by many.


Therefore, this kind of fabric is named peach skin fabric.


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Peach skin fabric products can be used as clothing (jackets, skirts, etc.) fabrics, and is the ideal materials for packing boxes, shoes, hats, and furniture decoration.

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Peach skin fabric products can be washed by washing machines and by hand, and will never fade.



It has the texture of peach skin, with fine, even and thick hair. The hair seems invisible but can be felt. It diffuses in multiple directions under the light and is very soft.



Peach skin fabric dakimakura have functions of moisture absorption, air permeability and water resistance, and have silk like appearance and style. They are warm, easy to wash and fast to dry.

Hand feel


The fabric is soft and glossy, and feels slippery and waxy



Peach skin fabric dakimakura are durable, have good printing effects, and the color is soft and natural



The fabric feels rich, fluffy and fine, smooth and elastic, thick and full;



1. Cheap, at present peach skin fabric is the cheapest material for dakimakura

2. You can machine wash, hand wash or dry wash them, as they can be washed by different methods

3. Functions of moisture absorption, air permeability and water resistance



1. As the fabric has been frosted, there will be a lot of broken hairs on the finished fabric, which will fly around continuously

2. It can’t keep warm in winter

3. Peach skin fabric dakimakura are not very elastic

How to wash peach skin dakimakura?


Peach skin fabric dakimakura can be machine washed, hand washed and dry washed


1. Wash at room temperature or cold water, turn over to wash peach skin fabric dakimakura;

2. Don’t rub when washing;

3. Choose neutral detergent instead of alkaline detergent, which will hydrolyze some dyes and make them fall off the dakimakura;

4. Wash while soaking to shorten soaking time;

5. Avoid exposure to the sun.

How to maintain peach skin dakimakura?

1. The key to main a peach skin fabric dakimakura is to regular wash it to prevent the pores on its surface from being blocked by dust. Clean it gently with wet cotton cloth or silk.


2. If the dakimakura is accidentally stained by oil, it can be wiped with pure cotton cloth or towel dipped with appropriate amount of neutral soapy water, and then dried with dry cotton cloth. Do not directly scrub with water.

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3. If the dakimakura is stained by dust, the dust on the surface should be wiped off with dry cloth first, and then the surface should be wiped with a soft cloth, be careful not to wipe too much force, and wipe it gently.


4. Then use a special comb to straighten the hair in one direction, because the hair will make the whole skin present uniform color only when facing the same direction.


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Allergic to peach skin fabric dakimakura


If there are children or pregnant women in families, or sick elderly or people who are allergic, then the fluffy dakimakura will be improper, as peach skin fabric dakimakura have tiny hair on the surface, and the hair may come off after long time use. So 2WAY dakimakura are recommended in such cases.

Peach skin fabric dakimakura with hair on it


Hair will cause Peach skin fabric dakimakura to bristle. When you hold it, you should pay attention not to rub your head against the dakimakura.

When sleeping, it’s better to stick to it and not move around, otherwise the dakimakura will be worn down

You can hold it without touching it with face, so that the face part of the peach skin fabric dakimakura will not fluff

Custom peach skin fabric dakimakura


Size: 40*120 mm, 50*150mm, 50*160,60*180mm


Material: Peach skin fabric (or materials are also available)


Pillow core: PP cotton pillow core, high elastic down silk pillow core


At present, Diipoo provides picture customization for personalized production. There is no limit to the patterns. For example, if you order 100 dakimakura, you can choose 100 different patterns.


The products feel comfortable, fit the body, and can relieve fatigue.


As personalized products, you can print your favorable pictures on them, making them unique.


As household products, peach skin fabric provide a comfortable enjoyment.


As car products, you can lean on them or use them as pillows, which can relieve your fatigue during trips.


They can be used as promotion items, free gifts for advertisements, presents among friends, and travel supplies.


Custom Dakimakura Now

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