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What is Dakimakura

The Ultimate Guide to Dakimakura

What is Dakimakura
What is Dakimakura
When you go to sleep along with a right mattress, you should ensure that you have a right pillow to rest your head and your body on.
An orthopaedic pillow can help to provide the comfort necessary and making it easier for you to get a good night’s sleep.
The Japanese company Dakimakura has gone a step ahead and has introduced something that is a cross between an orthopaedic pillow and an anime pillow.
When you purchase a Dakimakura pillow you will get a full-length orthopaedic pillow, but one that has a cover with your favourite anime artist.
This unique feature has indeed captured the imagination of both adults and youngsters. If you are purchasing one such anime dakimakura pillow for a youngster, then you can even customize the size of your pillow.
After that, choose a pillowcase imprinted with the image of your favourite anime character. Although the Dakimakura pillow started in Japan, it has gained popularity the world over.
However, there are certain unique features of these types of pillows and some points that you must take into consideration while taking care of these pillows. Some of these features of Dakimakura pillows are as follows:
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  • Buy

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What You Should Know About Your Dakimakura
How to Choose Buy Dakimakura

  • Material

2 Way Tricot Dakimakura
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What is 2 Way Tricot Dakimakura
Best Dakimakura Material

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2WAY VS Peach Skin

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Dakimakura Size
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What is Dakimakura

Pillows are associated with comfort and support.
It provides support to your neck and back when you lie down. However, if you want a pillow to provide complete support to your backbone, then you need to purchase a long cushion.
These are usually orthopaedic pillows that offer assistance and support to your entire body when you lie down. These pillows ensure that you can avoid numerous physical discomforts like backache, uneasy breathing, snoring and improper blood circulation.
However, such pillows must be purchased only under the guidance of health professionals.
But what you want to buy an orthopaedic pillow that provides reasonable physical support and also a certain amount of emotional support.
Considering this notion and requirement amongst individuals, Japanese companies decided to concert the traditional orthopaedic pillows into full-length long pillows.
These came to be known as the Dakimakura pillows.
These pillows provide both physical and emotional support. Since these are primarily long pillows, you can expect these to give a certain amount of support to your backbone.
Moreover, hugging these pillows and lying down seems to provide emotional support to the user.
This seemed to be attractive, especially for youngsters who need to associate to objects like a security blanket or a stuffed toy or any such similar object.
  • Medical
  • Emotional Support
The Dakimura serves a dual purpose. It helps support the growing body of youngsters, from a physical and medical perspective.
At the same time, the Dakimakura pillow also provides them with emotional support.

The Dakimakura is built for comfort.

The Dakimakura is primarily a body pillow, and hence, the benefit of the dakimakura is to provide the user with a certain amount of comfort.

  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Sleep comfortably
  • Security
  • Softness

Reduce aches and pains

The pillow is a full-length one, and thus, it should help reduce your body aches and pains.

As mentioned earlier, a Dakimakura is designed on the lines of an orthopaedic pillow and therefore, there is no harm if it is used for a prolonged period. Sometimes full body pillows help in relieving back pains and aches.

Sleep comfortably

Usually, such cushions provide support to your backbone, especially when you turn on your side to sleep.

Since such pillows help in relieving your aches and pains, it allows you to sleep comfortably.

Moreover, a good night’s rest is essential to function throughout the day.


For young children sometimes hugging a pillow makes them feel comfortable. It gives them a sense of security. This also makes it easier for them to fall asleep.


Just like young girls become very attached to their stuffed toys, it is often seen that girls get very attached to their Dakimakura.

It is not only because of the innate softness of the pillow. It is also because of the comfort that these pillows provide.

Additionally, these pillows can be customized, and this unique feature makes the Dakimarkura all the more attractive. Thus, the Dakimakura is indeed built for comfort both physical and mental.

Size of Dakimakura pillows

Before you place an order for this type of a pillow, it is essential to know the standard Dakimakura size.

Initially, when the company launched these pillows, the full-sized pillows were one hundred and fifty or one hundred or one hundred and sixty centimetres in length.

The width of the pillow would be fifty centimetres. This means you can purchase a 150 x 50 cm anime Dakimakura long hugging pillow or a similar one where the length is increased by ten centimetres.

If you are thinking of buying the pillow for a tall person, then you should consider purchasing the longer pillow.

Otherwise, you can settle for the shorter one. Thus, while selecting the size of the Dakimakura pillow, it is essential to take into consideration the height of the person you are gifting it to.

Dakimakura pillow size
Dakimakura pillow size

Fig 1: Dakimakura pillow size

So check the size of the pillow and purchase the one that meets your requirements. It is also good to consider the height of the person using the pillow while purchasing it.

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A Dakimakura is a body pillow, and hence, it should not be much longer than the height of the person or shorter than him.

When you purchase the pillow as a gift, take into consideration the height of the person you are planning to gift it to and then only make a purchase.

Customizing your Dakimura pillow

The unique feature of this type of pillow is that you can customize it exactly as per your desire.

Say, for instance, you want to purchase a shark Dakimaura then you can opt for a pillow that has the print of a shark or a pillow in the shape of a shark.

A Dakimura pillow is a long pillow that comes with a pillowcase that has been imprinted with the image of your favorite anime character.

However, if you want to customize the pillow even further, then you can consider purchasing a Hatsune Miku Dakimura that is in the. Some websites offer such pillows.

This Diipoo custom Dakimakura can make a perfect gift and also make Christmas gift for your friend or relative.

However, before you purchase one, you should know whether he or she will like it or not.

Otherwise, you can easily customize the pillowcase of the Dakimakura with the image of his or her favorite anime character.

Usually, body pillows of particular shapes are sold by individual companies and are less common, and you will need to look for these pillows online. Body pillows are usually designed to give comfort, and sometimes pillows of different shapes can prove to be counterproductive.

Hence, if you are keen on purchasing a body pillow that is not of the standard shape and size, then you must check out all features of the particular body pillow before making the purchase.

Otherwise, it can be purchased for the novelty and uniqueness of the object.

What is Anime Dakimakura

The most popular Dakimakura pillows are the anime versions of what is popularly known as body pillows. Other than being full-length pillows, these pillows can be customized to anime pillows.

You can have your favorite anime character imprinted on the pillowcase. Not everyone has the same favorite anime character.

Hence, to give your Dakimakura unique character companies like Diipoo( and Sakume( have come up with the exclusive offer of letting you choose, your favorite from a wide array of anime Dakimakuras.

How to custom body pillow

custom body pillow
custom body pillow

Fig 3: Custom Anime Dakimakura

(Image is taken from:

If you do not find your favorite anime on the company’s website, you can easily design your own Dakimakura. In order to do so, you will first have to log in to the company’s website.

  • Choose the style of the pillow

You can choose the body of the pillow. This means you can select pillow styles such as custom body pillow or anime body pillow.

  • Find an image of character

After you have selected the size of the pillow, you need to go online and find a suitable image of your favorite anime character.

  • Upload it onto the Diipoo

Once you have downloaded the image onto your system, you can upload it again onto the company’s website.

  • Resize the image

You will need to use the cropping tool to resize the image and identify all the fine details.

  • Check the image carefully

You can also check the image carefully to understand the exact picture that will be imprinted onto the pillowcase. Because once you have selected, cropped and checked the image we will send it for printing.

Hence, before you post the picture for printing to ensure that it is exactly as per you want the image to be.

Therefore customizing your Dakimakura with your favorite anime character is quite simple. All you need to do, before designing your own Dakimura is plan ahead and then follow the instructions provided on the company’s website carefully.

Shipping of the Dakimakura

Although the pillow was started in Japan, it has gained popularity across the globe.

Most companies have started shipping it across the world. Some of the websites that you can order customized anime Dakimakura.

Some of the sites that offer to send Dakimakuras across the globe are and

When you place orders on these websites, it is vital that you first check the inventory of Dakimakura sold by the two companies. The reason for this is that both companies have an extensive collection of Dakimakura, and all of these have images of various anime characters.

So before you start designing your own Dakimakura, you should check the collection of body pillows available on the website. You might come across a pillow with your favorite anime character. In case you do not find one, you can then continue on the site and start designing your own Dakimakura.

Another point that you must remember while placing an order for a body pillow is the size of the Dakimakura.

Ensure that the size and shape of the pillow is the one that you are looking for.

Once you have selected your Dakimakura, you can place the order for your pillow.

Also, check the address that you have given carefully so that there are no issues while shipping your pillow. It is also advisable that you purchase your Dakimakura only from reputed websites, to be assured of the quality of the product.

Maintaining your Dakimakura

When you have purchased your Dakimakura, you must learn about its maintenance. Naturally, you will get your pillow dirty because you may spill something on it or it might get dirty on prolonged usage. Most body pillows can be washed, but you need to follow the washing instructions carefully. The following steps should be followed when it comes to maintaining your Dakimakura:

  • As per a reputed manufacturer of Dakimakura and other similar pillows, customized pillows should always be washed with mild detergents.
  • However, before you wash the dakimakura body pillow, remove the pillowcase. This should be washed separately.
  • The pillowcase has the image of your favourite anime character imprinted on it. Hence, it should be washed carefully and separately.
  • Always hand wash the pillowcase and avoid washing it in the machine.
  • The pillow itself is also washable and can be both washed by hand or in a machine.
  • If you are planning to wash it by hand, then soak it in a mild detergent.
  • After it has been soaked long enough, squeeze out the detergent water from the pillow. You will have to do this repeatedly till all the detergent has been rinsed out of the pillow.
  • You should then spread the pillow flat and let it dry naturally.
  • By letting the pillow dry naturally, you will ensure that the cushion remains fluffy.
  • If you are planning to wash the pillow in the machine, then you can consider washing two such pillows in a single cycle. This will help clean the pillows better.
  • If you do not have two pillows, then add a couple of towels with the pillow.
  • While washing your Dakimakura in the machine, you should use a mild detergent so that it does not spoil the pillow.
  • After the washing and rinsing process in the machine is completed, you should tumble dry the pillow to keep it fluffy.
  • It is a good idea to regularly wash your Dakimakura to keep it free of dirt and to keep it fluffy.
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Manufacturers and retailers of Dakimakuras mention that it the pillow once in every two years. This will keep the pillow itself as good as new for a more extended period of time.

What are Dakimakura made of?

A Dakimakura is made with absolute care, and it is designed for comfort. Hence, the fabric used to make the body pillow is of the most excellent quality.

  • Pillowcase

The same is applicable for the pillowcase. The material used to make the Dakimakura is pillowcase is soft and smooth to touch.

  • Pillow inner

The pillow inner made of PP cotton, which ensures that the entire body pillow is soft and comfortable.

When making a Dakimakura, Diipoo will give you all the details regarding the quality of the pillow and pillowcase.

  • Invisible zipper

Additionally, for extra comfort, the zipper on the pillowcase is smooth and easy to open and close. If you purchase the pillow from a reputed firm, then you can be assured that the zipper has been tested several times to be guaranteed that it does not break easily.

Similarly, the stitches on your Dakimakura are all invisible. This not only adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the pillow but also makes it all the more comfortable. Visible stitches and stray threads can make the pillow highly uncomfortable.

Fig 4: Invisible stitching on a Dakimakura
(Image is taken from:

Just like the stitches, the zipper on the Dakimakura is also invisible. This makes the pillow all the more comfortable as you do not have a zipper disturbing you when you hold your pillow.

Thus, the entire Dakimakura is designed to ensure absolute comfort of the user. You do not have stray threads or even a zipper to disturb when you hold your pillow.

Fig 5: Invisible zipper on a Dakimakura

(Image is taken from:

Using the Dakimakura for decorative purposes

Sometimes a Dakimakura can be used even for decorative purposes.

Say, for instance, you are an anime enthusiast who wants to install long pillows on the couch of your living rooms.

Now instead of orders the regular round or square cushions for your couch, you can consider ordering Dakimakura.

For this, the first thing that you must take into consideration is the size of your sofa and how long you want the Dakimakura to be. It doesn’t have to be the length of the full-size body pillow. You can check if the company offers different sizes of Dakimakura.

Then you can select one such pillow. This will add a different touch to the overall décor of your home. A Dakimakura is a very soft pillow, and hence, unlike a cushion, it will provide a certain amount of back support. If you have the habit of sitting for long hours on your couch, then your Dakimakura can also help provide support to your back and relieve you of your backache.

You can purchase more than one Dakimakura at Dakimakura Store and keep changing these to give a different appeal to your home. Then it will provide a dual purpose.

  1. You will add a touch of colour and design to your home.
  2. At the same time, make the couch of your living room all the more comfortable to sit and relax.

Using a Dakimakura

Dakimakura has gained popularity over the years, especially with the emergence of anime.

Both children and adults began to closely associate with this genre, and it soon started developing a dedicated group of followers and enthusiasts.

The Dakimakura is a continuation of that genre of art where the anime characters are imprinted on pillows.

Dakimakura is often used to provide security and comfort to youngsters and adults. It often serves a variety of purposes.

However, the objective behind using a Dakimakura is not extremely psychological but only showing ones passion for anime art and the desire for holding something that provides a sense of security.

Children love to squeeze something soft, and hence, parents often gift them stuff toys. They associate with these stuff toys, and they become close to these.

The Dakimakura is a continuation of this desire and association with toys. Thus, using a Dakimakura may differ from person to person. An individual may use it merely as a body pillow, while another may look at it as a security blanket.

Similarly, for another individual, a Dakimakura might represent his enthusiasm for anime characters.

Then again, a Dakimakura can be used for decorative purposes as well. Thus, depending on the person using the body pillow and his or her perspective, the use of the Dakimakura will change. Nevertheless, it remains a highly useful body pillow that has been designed to give comfort to the user and ensure that he or she can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

While purchasing a Dakimakura, there are certain factors that you must take into consideration.

First, you must check the website from where you are purchasing the pillow and ensure that it has an extensive inventory of Dakimakura. This will help you find a suitable body pillow and may not have to design one.

Secondly, you must ensure that the company ships worldwide. Next, you must make sure the company uses premier quality products to make the Dakimakura.

Finally, the Dakimakura that you purchase must be imprinted with the image of your favorite anime character. When you are satisfied that all your requirements are met, you should buy the pillow at Diipoo dakimakura store.

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